Beard Brush vs Comb: How to use and maintain Beard Brush

Growing of beards goes beyond just allowing your facial hairs (Beards) to grow long, full and thick. For your beards to look good and healthy, you have to maintain it and keep it clean at all time. One of the ways to keep it clean is by combing or brushing your beards. Some questions about whether to use a comb or brush on your beards has been debated for ages. Here we tackle question; beard brush vs comb.

Some questions that has been asked are;

  • what is the best way to keep my beards straight?
  • Should I use a comb or a brush on my beards?
  • Would comb or brush cause damages to my beards?
  • What is the best way to use my beard comb or beard brush?
  • What is the different between combing and brushing my beards?

If you’ve been wondering and having the above questions troubling your mind over what’s best to use on your beards, this is definitely the article for you.


beard brush vs comb

In maintaining and growing beards, is very importance of the items you use on your beards and how it work.

Both beard brush and beard combs have their functions on your beards and when to use them on daily base.


Every good beard brush is manufactured from some animal hair and the best beard brushes are those manufactured from horse’s hair. These brushes are good distributors of oils to every area of the beard and they also help untangle tangled beards.


  • Sophisticated Wild (BF WOOD)
  • Marbeian
  • Kingston Grooming
  • The Rugged Bros
  • Zeus
  • Percy Nobleman (P/N)
  • Monster
  • Rocky Mountain


Beard brush is very important in maintaining grown or short beards. The beard brush help to train and organize your breads by making them lay straight without tangling together.

Beard brush comes in different shapes and texture, some beard brush are rounded without handle while some have short or long handle. What is most important is to choose a beard brush that best suits your beards and mustache in order to avoid damage to your beards.

N/B: If you have short beards or your beards are still growing, please ensure you brush your beards in one direction. The direction you want your beards to grow.

Beard brush should be use in the morning, before taking your bath to remove dead skin cells and at night before going to bed.


  • The beard brush should be cleaned once in a week. Cleaning of your beard brush should be a dry cleaning method of cleaning which requires no water and is done by using your hands to pick out the hairs on the brush use another scrub brush to brush through the bristles of the beard brush to ensure that all the hairs are properly removed.


  • The Beard brush should be washed once in a month with a shampoo by Deeping the bristles of the beard brush in soapy warm water, rub your hand on the bristles to remove dirt. Remember this should be done after you have removed the hairs on your brush.


  • If your beard brush is made of plastic, you have nothing to worry during washing but if your beard brush handle is made of wood, ensure you blow dry it immediately after washing and place the beard brush facing down for the remaining drops of water of the root of the bristle to drop out to avoid wetting the wooden brush and destroying the bristle of your brush.

beard brush vs comb

Beard combs come in plastic or wooden materials.

Growing of beards require using of beard combs, because as your beards grow, you will need a beard comb to enable you style your beards and keep it in shape.

When maintaining your beards with oil and balm, your beard comb does a very nice and wonderful work by helping you put your beards in different shape and style.


There are specially made combs for beards. These combs do not work like the head comb and most times the look so different from the regular combs we see people us on their head.

In maintaining and growing of your beards, ensure you get a beard comb just for your beards.

Beard combs are used to smoothen your beards after you might have applied beard oil or beard balm.


Your beard comb can be cleaned once or twice in a week, depending on how dirty the beard comb is.

  • Ensure you remove hairs from the beard comb immediately after use to avoid bacterial settling on the hairs in the comb, making you introduce those bacterial into your beards.
  • Use warm water and add shampoo to the water use in washing the comb, put you beard comb or combs as the case may be into the warm soapy water and water the comb thoroughly.
  • You can use another comb to run through your beard comb and ensure you remove hairs stocking in your beard comb.
  • Clean the beard combs with a clean towel after washing it and allow it to dry or you can use a hand dryer to dry it properly if is a wooden comb (this also help to sterilize the comb and kill bacterial living on your beard comb).

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