Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin 2020 Reviewed

Grooming beards can be so much fun and it can also be use as a means of fashion especially when you grow it neatly, style it properly and even change the color of your beard on daily bases with the use of quality product. We have selected the best beard dye that are suitable for sensitive skin.

Keeping of beards prevent you from some skin infections and irritation on your skin that are gotten from daily shaving away of your bears and safe you the cost of spending money at the barbing shop always.

Here are amazing tips on how to make you beards look fashionable with the perfect color, with the help of dyes and dyes that are suitable for sensitive skin.

Top 6 Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin

Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin

Below are our top best selling beard dyes that are capable of giving you the best amazing shade of any color of your choice.

Hanna Hair Color (Unisex Dark Brown Pack)

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The dark brown pack Hanna hair color is a unisex and an amazing color that is best suitable for men and women with brown hair color or with grey hair in order to give them the perfect shade of brown they really desire. So If the shade of your hairs is lighter brown in color or dark brown them this dye is perfect for you.

This dye requires a time duration of 2 hours to really give you the perfect shade of its color once is applied on the beard and does not cause harm because purely natural.

For men who want a perfect dye for their moustache, this is just the best beards dye for your sensitive skin, is gentle, mild and goes well for both male and females.

Ingredients For Application Mixture

  • 2-3 table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2 cups of Black Tea
  • Argan Oil or Coconut
  • Dark Brown Henna Power
  • 1 cup Luke warm water


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • It has an amazing economic values
  • Has no filler
  • Affordable
  • Gives a deep coloring shade
  • Gives a beautify natural look


  • The coloring duration time is longer
  • The application is not so easy.

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye (Organic & Natural Brown Color)

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The skin beneath your mustache has a different texture from the hairs on your scalp and that is the major reason why you should not use harsh dye products to avoid irritation of any kind and that is the Grizzly Mountain organic and natural beard dye is most suitable for your beards and for people with sensitive skin.

This product has no chemical in it, is purely 100% natural without any chemicals and for that reason it has no after effect.

One amazing feature of this dye is that is a permanent dye; this means that you won’t need to be re-dying your beards every week and that goes a long way to safe you the cost of spending money on dyes and time also.


  • 06 ounce (30 grams) of organic base
  • 100% Chemical free
  • 2 ounce (100 grams) of Grizzly mountain dark brown
  • Blend of herbs and plants


  • Is a permanent dye
  • Don’t wash off even when during long time swimming
  • Easy to use/apple
  • 1005% chemical free
  • Suitable or sensitive skin
  • Causes no irritation on all skin types
  • Is affordable


  • Requires more time to give it deep shade o color after application

Godefroy Beard Color Tint Kit (Brown Color)

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This coloring tint kit is an awesome product that will give your beard the exact look and shade that is absolutely irresistible. Is a permanent cover dye for resistant gray hairs that is odorless and has no Ammonia.

The 20 applications of this long lasting color dye makes an ideal product to get and the color do not fade after application. It also comes with color capsules and with a developer which are mixed together and applied on the beard after few minutes of mixing the both.

Any sensitive skin can use the Godefroy beard color dye because is a versatile dye product that works perfectly on beard hairs.

Kit Content

  • 1 mixing cup
  • 1-1.5fl. oz./44ml developer cream
  • 1 reusable applicator brush
  • 1 instruction guide sheet
  • 20 pre-measured color capsules


  • Is affordable
  • Comes with 20 applications on each kit
  • Covers every shade of gray hair color
  • Gives natural looks and no Ammonia
  • Has an application brush


  • Requires carefulness because the formula is not thick

Blackbeard Color (Men 3-Pack)

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The Blackbeard dye for men is a hypoallergenic dye product that does not cause irritation, odor or itchy on the beards, this is because is specially manufacture for all skin types.

This dye formula is 100% chemical free and is not harsh on the skin for those that prefer a complete beard dying, is also a waterproof dye. This means that it does not come off during raining days.

More suitable for short and tailored beards, not suitable for long beards because it penetrates deeply more on short beards even due is washes off when not handled with care or when shampooed.


  • The application procedure is simple
  • Acts effectively on beard gray hairs
  • Is a hypoallergenic dye
  • Does not cause itchy or irritations
  • Can be easily removed
  • Clean application process


  • Not suitable for longer beards
  • The color is not long lasting

Refectocil Cream (Natural Brown)

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This cream hair dye color gives you a nice shade of natural brown color that can last for a period of 6 weeks or more any beards thereby saving you the cost of spending money on daily bases to buy beard dyes.

On like some other dyes that may cause irritations and itchy of the beards, this product does not irritate sensitive skin.

It require a time duration of 10 minutes to stay after application to get the perfect suitable shade of natural brown from this dye which is really a very short time compare to other dyes.


  • Very easy to apply
  • Give long lasting natural shade of brown color
  • Is affordable
  • Does not cause itches and irritation
  • Can stay on bears for 6 weeks and above
  • Requires just 10 minutes of your time


  • The developer does not come with the dye
  • The dye content is little.

What Is Beard Dye?

Beard dyes are specially manufactured coloring agents that are made from natural and chemical substances for the purpose of giving your beards other shades from its natural color and giving you a different look, which tends to be fashionable and presentable.

Dyes are actually different from pigments because dyes has the ability to bind to any material they are used on thereby changing the color of that material or object and the same is applicable to when beard dyes are used on beard but pigments does not have the same ability like dyes to bind on substances or materials they are used on.

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Importance And Reasons Of Dying Beards

Beards dyes have been in use for centuries for different purposes by men and some of those reasons are also the reason why most modern men still use dyes till date.

Some of the importance of beard dyes are the major reason why they remain at the top sells in the market as fashionable means of looking good all the time.

  1. Softens Beards: Dyes helps to soften very thick bears for men with very full thick beards thereby giving it a good texture that is attractive and soft to touch. This makes it easy for any comb or brush to be easily use on the beards
  2. Boost You Confidence: Most people with some nature color of beards are not comfortable with their beard color and of such don’t have confidence in themselves because how it makes them feel but with dyes you make put on the color that best suit your skin complexion and boldly walk around without feeling intimidated by anyone or anything.
  3. Change Appearance: Changing of your appearance is a true sense of fashion that makes you presentable and charming. Ladies love men that are not scared of trying new looks and feeling comfortable in any look. Dying your beards gives you a new and freshly looks that are irresistible at all time.
  4. Aging Issues: One of the popular sign of aging is hair and beards turning gray and dealing with aging and gray hair can be a little concerning to some people and this is where the role of dying the beards with the appropriate color or any color of your choice is very important to make you good young again.
  5. For Career Purposes: Most men who have taken up modeling and designing as a career always change their looks not with wears alone but also by changing the color of their bears to match up with every outfit they put on and that is a means of show casing how open they are new things specially to new and colorful look.

The Difference Between Beard Dye And Hair Dye

Someone may ask, is the hair on the scalp not the same with the beard hairs? Or why can we use the same dye for scalp hair on beards too?

One thing you should know is that not all but most of the chemicals that are use in manufacturing a scalp hair dye are also use in manufacturing beard dye but they are different in their mode of penetration, coloring, texture, sensitivity and appearance.

The answer is this, the hair on the scalp is not the same with the beard hair and as such are not main to be dye with the same dye.

Manufactures of all kinds of dyes are a wear of this that’s why they produce different dyes for both scalp hairs and beard hairs; is unfortunate that most people can’t differentiate them and go ahead to apply scalp hair dye on their beards without the knowledge that the facial hairs are more sensitive in nature then the scalp hair and as such get easy penetrated by dyes faster unlike the hairs on the scalp that will require you to scrub the scalp for deep penetration of dye.

One thing you should know about beard and scalp hair dyes is this, the beard dyes fade out with time especially when the beard is always being shampooed at birth time and this because they are not permanent and as such does not grow out with the beard hairs unlike the hair dyes that most times could be permanent and the scalp hairs grows out with it because it does not easily fade off.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Beard Dye

Buying the perfect beard dye that best suit your facial hairs and wouldn’t cause any form of irritation on your skin is very easy to dictate and that should be the step to take in order not to get the wrong dye that will not suit your skin texture, color and also cause damages to your skin.

If you are scared because of your previous mistake in purchasing the wrong dye or dying your beards with the wrong dye, then you need not to worry because are lots of good products in the market that are mainly for washing out dyes anytime you desire to wash it out without having to shave off your beards.

Below are some vital factors anyone who wish to buy beards dyes should put into consideration before buying beard dyes.

  • Right Dye Color

Dye colors can be chosen for different purposes and for a different occasion by people who love to look different on daily bases. Is very important that you know the dye color that matches your skin complexion to give you that perfect looks you desire.

Matching the color of dye on your scalp hair to your beards is one area that should be carefully followed in order to get the suitable color. This is because no one with brown or black scalp hair would pick a pink beard dye and expect it to appear black or brown when applied.

Another aspect to note in choosing the color of dye for your beards is the portion of hairs you want to dye, if you wish to cover up a few gray beard hairs then is advisable that you get the exact color of dye that matches the dominant facial hairs in order to have a perfect outcome. But if your intention is to cover a very large portion of the facial hairs then is advisable you use your scalp hairs to match up for your beards

For people who have their whole scalp hairs and beards hairs covered with gray hair, we advise that you just get the same color of your choice and taste suit but ensure that one is scalp dye and the other is beard dye.

  • Product Ingredients

When buying a beard dye is advisable that your major focus should be on the ingredients that are used in manufacturing it, this is because lots of persons with sensitive skin might react to certain chemicals which may result to a serious medical condition and that’s why we advise that in choosing your beard dye consider buying dyes with natural and organic ingredients to avoid damaging the skin beneath your beards.

The hair follicles on the face are more open and they are easily penetrated by dye substances and that is the reason why irritation can easily occur.

We advise you to go for hypoallergenic beard dye for your sensitive skin because using too much of Ammonia on your facial hair could irritate your skin and your eye during dying.

  • Temporal Or Permanent Dye

Is advisable to know your choice of dye before buying one this is because some dyes are permanent on beards and as such can’t be easily washed out with water, they are convenient and does not require strict application processes.

For those who have a modeling career and need to change their looks on subsequent occasions is advisable that they go for temporal beard dyes that can be easily washed out by the usage of shampoo or with dye removing agents.

The lasting during of both permanent and temporal beard dyes differs this is because they are manufactured with slightly different ingredients that makes the permanent to stay on the beard or a much long time than the temporal dye that could also stay on beards for a range of 3 weeks and above before fading out.

  • Application Method

When buying a beard dye is also advisable that you know the mode of application if is convenient for you to easily dye your beard at any time needful. This is very important because all hair dyes might not have the same application method; some might require strict precaution procedures while others are very easy to apply.

Some might come with applicators accessories kits that will make applying the beard dye very easy and less stressful for the user.

How To Apply Beard Dye

You have finally gotten the beard dye of your choice and you are so excited and cant wait to change your looks by applying it.

But wait before you procedure, we want to guide and give you directions to achieving a very clean and attractive nice looking neat dying.

Below are guide lines to help you on this journey with simple steps but very directive.

Step 1. Choose Your Dye Color

Before you procedure to dying your beard, ensure that you have chosen the right color you desire by yourself to avoid regrets and disappointments.

Matching the color of dye on your scalp hair to your beards is one area that should be carefully followed in order to get the suitable color. This is because no one with brown or black scalp hair would pick a pink beard dye and expect it to appear black or brown when applied.

Step 2. Conduct Sensitivity Test

Never apply any new dye product on your beard without conducting a sensitivity test for irritations and allergies that could cause health issues and medical conditions.

The facial hair follicle is open and very sensitive to easily absorb substances that come in contact with them; therefore, is very important that a sensitivity test is conducted by the user before proceeding to dye and this is done by applying little amount of the dye on your arm or forearm and allow to stay or about 24 hours. Within this time if no irritations or allergies occur then is perfect for your beards.

Step 3. Wash Your Beards thoroughly

Before applying your dye, sure that your beards are clean and oil, lotions or dry dead cells are on it. Ensure is thoroughly washed with a beard shampoo and conditional for proper dying processes.

If you do not have beard shampoo, you can use a non-medicated soap to wash it evenly, rinse with clean water and dry with a clean towel.

Step 4. Avoid Staining Non-Beard Areas On Your Face

Before applying your dye, ensure that areas on your face where there are no hairs are protected to avoid staining your face and to do simply apply Vaseline oilmen or any jelly like oil on the non-beard areas for protection.

Step 5. Prepare Your Beard Dye

All dye comes with the manufactures guide instructional booklet or manual that will give you directives on how to prepare the dye. Carefully read and follow the steps of preparing the dye for a better result.

Please never use the method for preparing your previous dyes in preparing the present dye you are about to use I they are from different manufactures.

Step 6. Application Proceed

Most beard dye manufactures usually attach an applicator in the dye package to enable the user dye the beards properly.

For short and tailored beards, start from the root of the hair and gently follow the hair line to ensure that the dye reaches the whole beards on your face.

For long and very long beards, you can section the beards to expose the root of the hairs. Clip each section with small size hair clips and start dying from the root of the beard hair to the tip of it to enable the dye color the beards perfectly.

Step 7. Allow Dye On Beards To Reach Your Desire Color

Now that you are rest assure that the dye has reach every part and corner of your beard and beard line; leave the dye on your beards for 20 to 30 minutes following manufactures stipulated time on the manual guide to enable the dye reach its shade and appear beautifully you.

Some people prefer to leave dyes on their bears for hours because they want a deep penetration of it to their beards but we advise that you follow the manufactures instruction in order not to cause damages to your beards and the skin beneath the beards.

Step 8. Gently Rinse The Excesses And Shampoo

After the desired color shade has been reach and you are satisfied with the outcome, you can go ahead and gently rinse the beards with clean water ensuring that the excesses are properly taken off.

We advise you to use cool water for rinsing of the beards because using hot water will wash all the beautify shade of color that the dye has given your beards.

Shampooing of the newly dyed beards can wash away some amounts of the dye thereby reducing the shade of the dye; so is optional and this means it should be done if necessary or mandated. This is because shampoos are manufactured with effective chemicals but non-harmful to hair to remove died cells, dandruffs, colors oily substance from hair.

Step 9. Drying Of Beards

Drying of your beards should be done gently with a light soft face towel to avoid hard friction from the towel to the beards which may result to so shades of the dye coloring your towel and at the same time reducing the beards dye color.

Allow the beards to be properly dry before applying any beards lotion of your choice or any beards oil to keep it shining.


we assure you that these beard dyes are suitable for all sensitive skin and is also a solution to any issue of growing gray hairs. Now you don’t have to worry about what to do to the gray hairs of your face; all you need do is just simply get one of the above listed beard dye and have the perfect shade of beards you desire.