Best Trimmer For Balls 2020 Reviewed

Maintaining a high level of hygiene can be so easy and fun to do at all time especially when it has to do with your private parts region. And unwanted hairs can be annoying, see our list of the best trimmer for balls.

Constantly keeping your private region clean by washing it only is not enough to protect it from bacteria’s and fugal; keeping it clean goes a long way to involving trimming your balls not just occasionally but also on daily bases in order to prevent excessive sweating down around your balls which is likely to cause odor, accumulation of bacteria’s and itches.

Best Trimmer For Balls 2020 Reviewed

Best Trimmer For Balls

we will be introducing to you amazing trimmers with portable designs that are suitable and perfect for your daily and weekly trimming of the hairs around your balls.


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This cordless trimmer is a high performance electric razor dual motor unit and a 4 blade system that is capable of giving you a very smooth and clean shave.

This wet and dry convenience trimmer makes it possible for any user to comfortably shave during bath time or outside the bath time. The head is a multi-flex pivoting that provides the flexibility of a back and front movement this trimmer without causing any cut during usage.


  • The head is flexible during shavings
  • Trims long hairs effectively and efficiently
  • Suitable for both wet and dry shaving
  • Portable pop-up trimmer
  • Built with advanced 4 blade cutting system
  • Is a dual motor high performance trimmer system
  • The foils is a stainless steel and micro-tin


  • The motor unit generates little noise during operation
  • The battery is not replaceable.

#2: GILLETTE Fusion ProGlide 3 in 1 Razor Trimmer


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The trimmer design is in a sleek shaped form that makes handling it easily to hold firmly during usage.

The AA battery it uses can serve for a longer period of 1 to 2 months or even more; it’s all depends on the method of usage and can be use during bath time because is water friendly as well as to be use outside the bath time with clean for smooth shaves.


  • Is a wet and dry convenience trimmer
  • Is a compact and portable design
  • Blades are sharp and gives a clean shave
  • Has suitable styling combs
  • Is a cordless trimmer


  • Requires a long charging time
  • The attachment combs can be bought in stores

#3: PHILIPS Norelo QP2520/70 One Blade Hybrid Trimmer

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This is an electric rechargeable hybrid trimmer with a slim compact and portable design that is capable of shaving any length of hair comfortably without leaving any hair behind.

The blades are replaceable and can be replaced within seconds as well as to be used during bath time because is 100% water friendly.

The Philips QP2520/70 is built with a long lasting durable lithium ion battery that is capable of serving you for a period of about 90 minutes and above without breaking down.


  • Is a waterproof trimming device
  • Built with strong lithium ion battery
  • Can shave long and lengthen hairs
  • Easy to use
  • The replaceable blades are easy to change
  • Suitable for shaving balls and facial hairs
  • Compact and portable body design


  • Requires one hour long charging time
  • The blades are expensive

#4: REMINGTON PG252 Head to Toe Trimmer

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This portable Remington PG252 trimmer is a complete powerful body head to toe trimmer with grooming kits that enables the user to remove any unwanted hairs on your face, ears, nose, balls, eyebrow, and neckline, clean up sideburns and edges of your beards without any stress.

The lithium ion battery in it delivers a 70 minutes running time with a voltage of 120V and gives a clean shave with the help of the strong lasting stainless steel blade that are self-sharpening.

The grooming attachments comes with are 3 beard and stubble combs, a vertical body trimmer, a full size trimmer, nose trimmer, ear trimmer, foil shaver, hair clipper comb and a detail trimmer.


  • Delivers 70 minutes long working time
  • Suitable or removing unwanted hairs in the nose, balls, eyebrow and ear.
  • Comes with durable and washable 9 grooming attachments
  • Portable and compact body design
  • Has battery status LCD display
  • Comes with a stable stand for accessories and the trimmer.
  • Has 8 grooming working accessories
  • Is a self-sharpening trimmer
  • Comes with 2 years warranty


  • Cannot operate under voltage lower than 120volts
  • Battery is not suitable for more than 70 minutes long shaving time.
  • Requires long charging time of 4 hours

#5: WAHL 5621 Groomsman Trimmer

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The Wahl groomsman 5621 beards trimmer is a professional trimmer that gives you a detailed trimming at all time. This devise comes with 2AA battery or normal daily trimming and a 1AA battery for removing unwanted hairs around your nose and ears with injuring yourself.

For people who love to keep different lengths of hair, this is the perfect trimmer for because of its ability to cut 14 different lengths of hairs textures comfortably.

In the grooming kits are styling guide, 4 hair guide combs,  an adjustable guide comb, self-sharpening blade, nose and ear trimmer, cleaning brush, blade oil, power cord and a storage pouch.


  • Capable of cutting 14 different hair lengths
  • Is a 2 in 1 trimmer grooming kit
  • The blades are made of strong stainless steel material
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Has a 2AA battery for trimming and a 1AA battery for nose trimmer
  • The nose trimmer’s head is washable
  • Has a cleaning brush and oil for maintenance


  • The blade requires careful delicate use

What Is Ball Trimmer?

These are specially manufactured mini clipper devices are mainly use for the purpose of lowering the growing hairs around your private part. They are of compact and portable designs with reliable materials and long lasting batteries that are durable enough to withstand a long usage.

Ball trimmers come in both cordless and corded designs, some are water friend thereby making it possible for the user to use it while bathing, and some are not water friendly while others can be used during bath time and non bath time.

Importance Of Having Balls Trimmer

Having a trimmer for the purpose of removing hairs from your private to keep clean is very important and essential for all men who love neatness and maintain a high level of hygiene. Below are some importances of having a trimmer especially for your balls.

  • To avoid in-grow hairs
  • To prevent bumps
  • For proper hygiene
  • For personal purposes
  • For clean hair trim
  • For easy traveling usage

How To Give Your Balls A Smooth Trim

Trimming the hairs around your private part can be lot more easily if you know the procedures to follow in achieving a smooth and clean trim with injuring or hurting your balls.

Step 1: Clean Your Private Region

Before embarking on trimming you’re the hairs on your balls ensure proper cleaning with water and mild soup to wash away sweat, dirt, dead cells and odor from your private part.

Another reason why is very important to ensure proper cleaning is because bacteria’s and fugal lining on the hairs can enter the hair follicle thereby causing inflammation of the skin.

Step 2: Map Out Location For You Trimming

Men with excessive hair growth around their private part should consider mapping out areas for conducting his trimming/removing of unwanted hairs which might be in the bath room of outside the bath room.

If is in the bath room, then is easy for you to just flush the hairs immediately after trimming your hairs but if you choose to trim your hair outside the bathroom, is advisable to make proper provision on how to clean up the areas  after trimming.

Step 3: Star Trimming The Longer Hairs

For people who are trimming their balls for the first time, is advisable to start with the longer hairs down to the short hairs; the purpose of this is to ensure that you don’t injure your skin while trying to give yourself a low trim or you can trim the longer hairs first with a scissor and finish it up with your portable balls trimmer.

Step 4: Seek For Assistance From Your Spouse

The human private part region is a very sensitive part of the males body and should be handle with so much care and a proper hygiene must be maintained; for you to do this effectively, you should some time seek for assistance from your spouse to give you a helping hand especially on those areas around your private part where your hands can’t reach properly.

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You don’t have to be shy about calling the attention of your partner because is also a way of creating a intimacy in your relationship and trusting each other more.

Step 5: Clean Yourself Up

Cleaning up yourself and the place where you stayed to trim your hairs is very important because no one like to walk into a room or a bath room that is surrounded with hairs.

Gently and carefully tidy up the room where you stayed to trim your hairs in order to avoid the hairs entering some hidden corners of your apartment.

You should wash yourself up with clean water and mild soap to remove hairs attaching to your body then dry up the water with a clean towel.

Step 6: Apply A Moisturizer

Never forget to apply a nice and non irritating moisturizer or a beard oil to make the hair like neat and healthy.

When you do this, your woman will crazily adore your body and will want to go down on you during intercourse.

Reasons Why You Should Trim Your Balls with A Portable Trimmer

  1. For Hygiene Purposes: Trimming the hairs around your balls is one sure way of maintaining a good hygienic lifestyle at all time and that also makes you a healthy person. Sweat accumulation around your private could cause odor, fugal and bacteria’s to start developing and it may cause you to itch and feel uncomfortable because of the excessive hair growth. But trimming the hairs will keep you from not sweating too much and reduces the chances of fugal and bacteria’s invading your body and you will never have to worry about odors anymore.
  2. For Better Sexual Performance: someone might ask how possible is this? Well, the answer is this; is very much possible because trimming your balls gives you a sense of attraction and stimulates your sexuality thereby making you more active during sexual intercourse. Trimming your balls hairs also give you a better sexual performance towards your woman and encourages her to go down on you without feeling irritated by the long hairs surrounding your penis.
  3. To Please your Spouse: most women don’t like their man keeping long hairs on their pubic region because it get them irritated and turn down the sexual feelings. It will surprise you to hear that every woman enjoys sex from their man especially when his balls are well trimmed and clean. (Recommended: Best Electric Shaver for Women)
  4. Makes Your Balls Appear Bigger: growing longs hairs around your balls make your balls look smaller or premature because the hairs tends to hid and cover every feature of your manhood, but when you trim low the hairs and conduct every necessary cleaning up on your private region, you will be surprise on how big your manhood will look and satisfying too.
  5. For Better Comfort and Ventilation: Lots of people don’t know that their private parts require good ventilation at all time. So if you’re the kind of person whose job causes you to spend half of the 24 hours of you day outside your home in outdoor actives and services during heat season; then is essential that you should always create time to trim and clean up your balls to prevent offensive odor coming out of you.

Maintenance & Cleaning Of A Ball Trimmer

#1: Clean And Rinse The Blades

Most people may complain about their trimmer not serving them for a very long time but what they never say is how well they maintained and cleaned their trimmer.

This means to say that no manufacturer produces products that will be use today and it goes bad the next day. Therefore is very important to keep your trimmer safe and cleaned at all time and one of the best ways to do that is by cleaning the blades in your balls trimmer after every use but before you do that, you have to consider if your trimmer is washable (water friendly) or not.

If the trimmer is washable, just quickly run it under warm or cold water after use but if not water friendly, just use non contaminated towel and rush to wipe away accumulated hairs on the trimmer.

#2: Clean The Adjustors

Cleaning the Adjustors of the trimmer is as important as cleaning the blades this is because trimmed hairs from your private parts that passes through the blades tends to enter the adjustors.

Also note if your trimmer is water friendly before running the adjustors in water and if is not water friendly; just clean it up with your towel before storing it.

#3: Dry Up Your Trimmer

After cleaning the blades and Adjustor, is also important that you ensure that you dry the trimmer up with a dry towel or a blow drying machine before storing it but this applicable for trimmers that are water friendly but for none water friendly trimmers, use a dry clean towel to clean it thoroughly before storing it.

#4: Brush The Trimmer

Most trimmers package comes with a cleaning brush or you can improvise with your old toothbrush for cleaning your balls trimmer.

The cleaning brush plays a vital role in maintaining and keeping your trimmer in a good working condition. This is because it can be used during trimming or after trimming to remove hairs that are spreading around the head of your trimmer.

#5: Carefully Align The Blade

Alignment of the blades in your trimmer is an essential point to note when using your trimmer to avoid injuring the skin beneath your balls.

When the blades are not properly aligned, it wears off the blades thereby requiring you to always replace the blades with new ones.

We advise that before you embark on using your trimmer, ensure that you make necessary check and fix up the blade by aligning it before usage.

#6: Oil It

Many trimmer manufacturers ensure that they produce oil that is special and for the purpose of maintaining their product and failure to use this oil on the trimmer could result to rusting.

Aside from the oil the trimmer comes with, you have to ensure that in subsequent time, the blade oil that is purchase for the trimmer is suitable for it to avoid it main functioning.

To effectively spread the oil on your trimmer, just place few drops of the oil on the blades of the trimmer and allow it to run for few seconds but before you do this, find out from the manufactures guide booklet if you need to remove the head of the trimmer before applying the oil or not.

#7: Change The Blades

Changing of the blades in your trimming is very important and the purpose for this is to give you a smooth clean shave. The produce can change after every 6 to 7 months of use while some are to be change after 4 to 5 months of use.

Every trimmer manufacturing industry specifies the number of months that their product should be used before the blade can be change; is very important that the manual/instruction guide always referred to discover vital information’s about that particle trimmer product.

#8: Disinfect Your Trimmer

Disinfecting the trimmer you use on your body on daily bases is very essential because it helps protect you and the trimmer from bacteria’s and fungi infections.

There are lots of disinfectant sprays that are specially made for trimmers and can be gotten from dealers of all kinds of spray.

Note that trimmer does not come with disinfectant spray in its package but they must time come with blade oil for maintaining the blades.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Balls Trimmer

We advise that you should not use any clipper, shaving stick or trimmer on your balls hairs this is because that part of the body is a delicate aspect of your body and should be handle with 100% care and given a maximum attention.

Now if you really want to buy a good quality, reliable and durable trimmer just for trimming the hairs around your private part but you are not sure of what to expect from trimmer, here are vital factors to put into consideration before buying a trimmer.

  • Your Budget: private part trimmers come in different qualities and so are their prices. Some are expensive while some are less expensive. Considering your budget when buying a trimmer is something that keeps you on track of what your money can get. Most times you might come across an amazing trimmer but the price is a bit higher than what you budgeted; you need not to worry, just tell the dealers your budget and you will be given another an excellent, reliable and durable trimmer to give a perfect shave for you.
  • Cord Or Cordless Trimmer: using a cord or cordless trimmer is an aspect to consider when buying a trimmer. Some trimmers have both cord and cordless features which enables the user to use it at home or outside home.
  • Removable Or Non-removable Blade: the type of blade in a trimmer you want to buy could be removable or none removable but it all dependence on you to choose what’s best for but before you do so, you should also know that the cleaning and maintaining procedures for both blades are different therefore make your choice wisely to enable keep the trimmer safe and long lasting.
  • Wet Or Dry Trimmer: some people enjoy shaving or trimming their balls in the bathroom during bath time while some prefers dry trimming. Whatever is your choice or pattern of trimming hair is; all you need to do is buy the particular product that suit you but be reminded that some of the trimmers in the market are water friendly and some are not water friendly.
  • Portability: the process of shaving your balls is not as easily as the process of shaving you facial and scalp hairs this is because any trimmer or clipper can go absolutely well on scalp and facial hairs but not on the balls. You need to consider buying a light weight portable trimmer that is not bulky in size to enable you gives yourself comfortably.
  • Attachment And Accessories: looking out for useful accessories and attachments such as a nose trimmer, scissor, brush, blade oil, chest hair remover and foil trimmer to help you clean other parts of your body and maintain the trimmer is very essential. We advise you to ask the dealers of the trimmer you want to buy and about the attachments that accompanies the product.

Conclusion: The above information’s has simplified and clarified all  questions that might be bothering you about getting balls trimmer for yourself and important factors to consider when buying a trimmer and also direct you on what is best for you when making your choices.

We assure you that this guide lines will carefully lead you on the best ways to handle your hygienic lifestyle at all times. We will keep you updated on amazing tips and guide lines that are related to lifestyles and hygiene.