How to Get Rid of Dandruff and Causes of Dandruff

There are so many inflammatory diseases that are caused by some group of bacteria’s and fungal, some of these bacteria’s and fungal can be dangerous, can cause a chronic condition and even make one so uncomfortable.

One of these fungal inflammations is Dandruff. Some people deal this issue daily and this Dandruff fungal affects almost 75% of both male and females, but this truth about dandruff is that they are harmless and can easily be treated once attention is given to it. To know more about dandruff and how to treat it, keep reading;


Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is harmless fungal bacteria’s. They are skin inflammation that is caused by some harmless fungal that is mostly seen on the Scalp.

These harmless fungal can lead to a Chronic Condition on the Scalp by causing excessive dryness on the Scalp and producing visible white flakes that causes unpleasant odor on the Scalp.

Dandruff can also be called Pityriasis Simples Capillitii (PSC) or Flaky Scalp (FS).

However, Dandruff can cause discomfort due to its appearance seem embarrassing on the Scalp and mostly it’s itching can be unbearable and irritating.


Dandruff is harmless and can be Self-Diagnose through some of it symptoms and appearance on the Scalp. Some of these symptoms include;

  • Itching Scalp
  • Dry Scalp
  • Whitish Flakes
  • Reddish Scalp
  • Dead dry Skin
  • Eczema around the ear region
  • Breaking of Hair
  • Unpleasant Odor
  • Eyebrow Riches
  • Margins


Dandruff is harmless but at the same time could cause a chronic condition in adults and new born babies.


Dandruff in newborn

In the case of new born, the Dandruff is called Cradle Cap and it causes so much discomfort to babies because of the crusty Rashes it causes on them, these rashes are thick yellowish in color. These rashes appear around the hairline and ear. Is advice to consult your babies’ doctor once you notice these reactions on your baby?


Dandruff can affect people from the age 10 and above. The rate at which it affects adults is very high due to excessive Oil on the Scalp of adults, using of different hair Products manufactured by different companies and also Hormone system imbalance.


causes of dandruff and how to get rid of dandruff

The major cause of Dandruff is the accumulation of dead cells and dry Scalp that creates a breeding ground for fungal to grow and multiple in numbers.  This will then result to the itching Scalp and causing the scalp to produce Whitish Flakes.

Below are also factors that could also cause Dandruff;

  • Sharing of Clippers with some one that already has dandruff on their Scalp. (Clippers should be a private property).
  • Sensitivity to different hair products.
  • Excessive Oil on the Scalp.
  • Yeast Fungal bacterial.
  • Not washing the hair and Scalp consistently or maintaining a proper hygiene on their hair.
  • Excessive Dry Scalp.


Dandruff can be prevented in some many ways and even treated in so many ways.

Below are the simple and sure ways of preventing Dandruff;

  • CLIPPERS: Get your own personal clipper for cutting and shaving your hair. This is the first preventive step to take in treating Dandruff. Ensure you do not share clippers with anyone.


  • Wash your scalp with shampoo and hair conditioners daily to clear dead skin and excessive oil from the scalp. Ensure that the shampoo is specifically manufactured for the treatment of Dandruff.


  • Never leave the Scalp wet after wash. Ensure the hair is dried from the tip to the root (Scalp).


  • Take Anti-fungal medications as prescribed by your Doctor or your health care personal.


Like we early said that Dandruff is a harmless fungal and the can be treated with an Anti-fungal product that are specially manufactured for the treatment of Dandruff.

Below are some good products that will help you fight against Dandruff and hair loss;

  • Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoos
  • OTC Shampoos Anti-Dandruff Shampoos
  • Head and Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoos


Nizoral also known as Ketoconazole is a medicated Anti-fungal product for the treatment of fungal infections such as Dandruff.

For the treatment of Dandruff, is advised to use NIZORAL SHAMPOO in washing your hair and Scalp twice daily.

NIZORAL contains Ketoconazole. This Ketoconazole is an Anti-fungal drug that is used for the treatment of Fungal infections.

This Ketoconazole will act on the yeast-like fungal and stop it from growing and destroying the ability of the fungal to multiple and reproduce.


These are medically manufactured Anti-fungal shampoos that are specially used for the treatment of hair, scalp and other body infections.

These Anti-fungal products will you fight against dandruff, leaving your hair and scalp clean and dandruff free.


This Anti-fungal dandruff shampoo is one of the most wildly used shampoos both by males and females to treat their dandruff problem.

This product works like magic by clearing all the dead call on the hair and scalp and retaining a good texture for your hair.

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