How to Apply Pomade On Your Hair

Have you ever wondered why men in the olden day’s hairs look shiny, slickly and have the finest texture? Their hair is so because of the kind of Pomade they use on their hair and beards. The Pomade they apply on their hair is 99% Oil-based best Pomade products which gives their hairs a lovely looking texture.


How to Apply Pomade On Your Hair

Pomade are specially manufactured scented Ointments (oil) that are used for dressing of hair (Men’s Hair).

Pomade comes in different fragrance and sometimes they come in different texture. They also come in liquid or paste form but what is most important is achieving your major purpose of applying a particular kind of Pomade on your scalp.

Pomades have the ability of stopping dryness of the scalp and even destroying some fungi that can cause dandruff in your hair.


Pomades comes in different forms, when choosing the type of Pomade to apply on your hair, never forget to consider your hair texture and what is most suitable for your hair in order avoiding using the wrong Pomade on your hair.

Below is some well known Pomade that can actually deliver to your hair the exact look you’ve always want.

  • The American Crew Pomade
  • Boxter of California Clay Pomade
  • Balsem Natural Styling sculpting Pomade
  • Aveda pure-formance Pomade. Etc

Looking at the above listed Pomade, you will be convinced that there are lots and lots of Pomade products that you can use and they can be easily accessed in any shopping mole.

N/B: Thicker hair will require stronger hold Pomade while light and thin hair will require a low hold Pomade. Never use a strong hold Pomade for your light and thin hair in order to avoid damage to your hair.



Because Pomades comes in different forms and texture, and their methods of application differs from one product to another.

When applying Pomade, the most important thing to consider in your hair texture and your styling pattern to enable you knows the quantity of Pomade to use.


Dry hair require much quantity of Pomade because of the dryness


Using Pomade on a wet hair can be challenging because of the clumping together of the wet hair and also the wet hair will dilute the holding ability of the Pomade, preventing it from doing its work.

The most acceptable way to use your Pomade without you destroying your hair is by reading through the Pomade product manure and following the instructions to achieve exactly what you desire of the Pomade. Some Pomade products are suitable for dry hairs, some are suitable for wet hairs while some are suitable for not too wet or to dry hairs.


The quantity of pomade to apply on your hair totally depends on how you want to style your hair.

For a start you are advised to start with a little quantity especially gays with fewer hairs. But guys with thicker hair will need more pomade for styling. Both light and thicker hair gays should start applying pomade with a little quantity by taking pomade with one finger and rubbing it in both palms before applying it on their hair. With this little start, you will be able to monitor and archive the the particular style you want for your hair.


During styling your hair with pomade is advisable to read through the steps in the instruction manure and follow it carefully.



  • Before starting to style your hair, ensure you have all the necessary items for styling Ssuch as clean towel, bow dryer , styling cream (pomade) water based pomade, comb and your mirror.
  • Choose your part either by the right or left side of your head
  • Run a comb straight, starting from your forehead into the point you wants your past to stop and separate the hair.
  • Follow the instruction on your pomade pack and apply gently.


Washing Pomade away from your hair can sometimes be challenging and a big problem especially when you are a starter in styling your hair with Pomades.

Washing Pomades out of your hair also depends on the kind of Pomade product you use. It might be a water soluble Pomade or other types of Pomade that are strong holds and sticks strong on different hair type.

N/B: When you have Pomade on your hair, and you want to wash it, believe me, is not going to wash away by just washing with warm water but if the Pomade is a water soluble Pomade it can be easily be removed with warm water and shampoo.

Below is the simplest and fastest way to remove or wash Pomade away from your hair, all by yourself without asking for help from anyone or going to your barbers shop just to wash your hair.

  1. Ensure your shower has warm water in it.
  2. Rinse your hair with warm water for about three (3) times or five (5) times depending on the quantity, quality of the Pomade product you used on your hair.
  3. Apply you hair shampoo and wash for three (3) times and wash and scrub your hair.
  4. Rinse off the shampoo from your hair properly and add your hair condition to your hair to soften your hair.
  5. Rinse the conditioner away too from your hair, the clean your hair with a clean towel.
  6. Dry your hair with a hand dryer leaving your hair free from pomades.

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