How to Sharpen Hair Clipper Blades and Maintenance Guide

Good Clippers are defined by the type of Blades in them. You can achieve a good and smooth shave when your Clipper Blade is in a good wording state. This article will help guide you on how to sharpen clipper blades and also how to maintain same.

how to sharpen your clipper blades

Clippers with good and sharp Blades make shaving easy for you.

Clippers Blades are made of different materials but what is most important is using Clippers that have strong fine and sharp blades that will deliver to you a clean shave and cut to your hair.

Below are important tips on how to sharpen Clipper Blades, keep your cuts clean and admirable.


sharpening clipper blades

  • Sharpening stone
  • Tooth brush
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • Towel


STEP 1: With a flat head screw-drive, screw out the both nuts holding blades on your Clipper to expose the Blades and bring out the Clipper Blade carefully.

STEP 2: Ensure you remove hairs on the Blade and on the Blade holder of your Clipper by using a clean brush for that.

STEP 3: Ensure the Blade is sterilized first with a sterilizer to avoid bacterial infection.

N/B: While doing this, avoid cut from the blade.

STEP 4: Add some sharpening stone oil to your sharpening stone in a straight line direction. Just on the area the blade will be sharpened.

N/B: Use the light fine edge of the sharpening stone made for Blades and other light mental objects for sharpening your Blades.

STEP 5: Place your sharpening stone on one hand and hold your Blade on the other hand, then carefully sharpen the Blade by gently rubbing the Blade cutting edge on the sharpening stone.

N/B: While doing this, ensure you sharpen all the edge of the Blade that needs to be sharpened. You can repeat this twice or more, depending on how sharp you want your Blades to be.

STEP 6: Carefully clean the Blade with a clean towel to remove dust from the sharpening stone if there be any and the sharpening stone oil.

STEP 7: Finally, Put back the Blade into the Clipper and tighten back the loosed nuts from your Clipper, using the flat head screw driver.

With the above steps, you will be successfully sharpen your clipper Blade and enjoy a clean and nice cut all by yourself.


If you are not a daily user of Clipper or a Clipper owner, it might be difficult for you to know when a Clipper Blade needs to be sharpened.

Below are simple ways to know that your Clipper Blade needs sharpening.

  1. Clippers are not suppose to be painful or cause you pains during cuts or shaves, but if you clipper causes you pains during shaves then be rest assured that your Clipper Blades needs to be sharpened.

N/B: The every reason why it causes pains to you during shaves is because the Clipper is ripping off your hair from its follicle instead of cutting the hairs.

  1. If your Clipper are no longer giving you a smooth cut or shave the your should know that the clipper Blades needs to be sharpened.
  2. If your Clipper Blade is showing a sign of rust, then you will have to sharpen the Blade and make it rust-free.
  3. During shave, if your Clipper starts jerking but not cutting, then you need to sharpen the Clipper Blades.


Every clipper user or owner should always bear this in mind, is one thing to use or own a Clipper and is another thing to know how to maintain the Clipper Blade.

Maintaining a Clipper Blade is very easy, it all depends on the kind of Clipper you use and the kind of Blade in your Clipper.

For common Clippers that can be used by anybody, below is simplest and general way to maintain a Clipper Blades.


clippers maintenance

  • A brush (tooth brush)
  • Clipper Oil
  • Blade wash
  • Clean towel
  • Flat head screw driver

STEP 1: Use any your flat head screw-drive of your choice, carefully screw out the both nuts holding blades on your Clipper.

STEP 2: Carefully bring out the Clipper Blade to expose the blade and remove the clipper Blade from the clipper.

STEP 3: Use your brush to clean and remove hairs from the clipper Blade. If your Clipper has a double Blade in it, just slide the blades to both sides and brush the hairs out.

STPE 4: After brushing the hairs out, slide the Blades into the Blade Wash or you can fix the Blades into your clipper, on the clipper and deep the tip of the clipper Blade into the Blade Wash, leave it there for 10 minutes while the Clipper is still on.

STEP 5: Use a clean towel to clean the Blade after Deeping it into a Blade Wash.

STEP 6: Put some drops of the Clipper Oil on the tip of the Blade and on the Clipper, switching on the clipper while the Clipper Oil is on the Blade will enable the Oil to spread round the whole Blade.

STEP 7: Use the towel again to clean the clipper in case of some clipper oil that might be dropping out from the blade to the whole clipper.

This procedure can be carried out once or twice in a week, depending on how much you use the clipper or how dirty your clipper is.

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