Philips Norelco 7100 Hair Clipper HC7452/41 Review

Are you looking for a suitable hair clipper for yourself or your family? A device with an excellent look and unique operation

Here we present to you the Philips Norelco hair clipper. The price is considerably affordable and can be use by professional hair stylist, barbers or for home shaving activity.

If you think you are not experienced in using clippers on your own then this device is the best for you it comes with an instructional guide booklet that will help to give you directions on how to use this product to get the best looks out of it without spending at barbers shop and still have time for yourself.

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This is an awesome hair clipper that is totally different from other hair clipper devices in the aspect of operation.

Manufactures of this product model made it to be fast and durable during operation. It can slice down any hair it comes in contact with without any delays.

This 7100 generation clipper is built with an adjustable roller that tents to suit different hair lengths unlike other products that generates hardness and friction on the body of the user during operation.

This clipper device reduces any source and causes of friction on the skin during shaving with it because it is built with a skin friendly blade.

The designer color of this clipper comes in two which are silver and black but they are of the same quality and working patter.

This device works as a corded and as a cordless clipper with the help of the lithium battery that are strong enough to carry it for a longer period of time without it breaking down for a duration 120 minute at about one (1) hour charge rate.

With this haircut device, you can through different hair texture without stress and most especially through very thick hair with the help of the turbo boost feature of the clipper.


Self sharpening Blade: The blade of this clipper gadget is a self sharpening titanium blade that does not require you sharpening the blade with any external source or device such as sharpening stone and other devices.

Clean Shaves: This clipper gives you clean shaves at once first use without having to repeat shave a particle area to achieve smoothness.

The sharpness of this clipper gives you a dual cut process, this actually means that it gives you double time clean shaves than what other regular clipper will not give and that is what makes it more unique than other shaving devices.

Battery Indicator: This battery indicator is one unique and amazing feature of this particle clipper. This feature allows the user to take notice of the battery rate during usage and know when it requires charging and when the battery is completely charged.

Washable Blades: The blades of this clipper is completely (100%) washable and will not get rust even after washing it.

The purpose of washing the blades is to absolutely remove hairs completely from the blade and this is done by carefully bring out the blade from the head of the clipper and gently wash it in clean running water then carefully dry it with clean dry towel before fixing it back to the clipper head.

Storage Case: The storage case comes with this clipper. It is specially manufactured for the purpose of storing of the all the accessory kits such as combs, scissors, clipper oil, blade guard and other important tools necessary for cutting and styling your hair.

Attachment Comb: Combs plays a vital role in straightening and styling of our hair. The attachment combs of this clipper helps in styling the hairs and also gives you a better cuts and trim.

Manual Guide: If you are a starter in the aspect of shaving your hair by yourself with a clipper device then you need not to worry because this gadget comes with a manual guide that helps in directing you on how to use this model of clipper, how to maintain it and have it serve you for a longer period of time without it breaking down.

Warranty: This clipper comes with an attractive warranty which means ranges from 2 to 5 years depending on where you purchased it but the long lasting of this device depends on how your maintenance of it.

Maintenance Measures

We advise you to always clean the clipper immediately after use, ensure that you remove hairs from the clipper and apply little drop of the oil on the blade of the blade to keep it clean and sharp always.

Storage is another important maintenance measure that should be taken serious. Never leave this device on stored after use, always store it in its storage case.

You can bring out the blades for proper washing once in every week to keep it extremely clean and to prevent bacteria’s from accumulating on the blade.


*It can function as a corded or cordless clipper device.

*It has dual cut technology ability

*The blade is 100% washable

*Easy to operate by both starters and professional hair stylist

*The combs are detachable

*Has 2 to 5 year warrant depending on where you purchased it


*Cannot easy be use on you back



We recommend this amazing model of Philips clipper product for your personal and family use.

With it, you can comfortably shave yourself while you are taking your shower and save yourself the time of shaving after or before bath time.

In the aspect of traveling, this is also an ideal product to travel around the world without any regrets.

You can place your orders one and get this device for yourself, friends and family.

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