Philips Norelco BodyGroom BG2040 7100 Review

Have you been searching for a trimmer that is a multi-purpose device for shaving and trimming your hair?

Here we present to you the Philips BodyGroom trimmer that is water-proof gadget which can be used during bath time to shave body hairs.

This unique device is totally different from other body hair shavers that cannot be use under water because they are not design like the Philips BG2040 that acts as water resistance.

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This is a quality high performance electric body shaver that is water resistance that means that you can shave yourself in bath room while you take your bath.

The body of the device is built with a solid grip handle that allows you to how firmly to the trimmer even while bathing and shaving with it. Also it has a plastic silver design and a soft rubber that rounds the body which makes it to have a grip during use.

The comb end is adjustable which makes it easy to use and to adjust it to suit your trimmer pattern while the other head end bear the cutters and foil should be given attention during cleaning because of the tightness of it on the trimmer makes it a little bit difficult to dissemble for cleaning after use and to assemble back after cleaning, this is where the need of the instruction manual comes to plays a role in directing you on how to assemble and dissemble this device with causing damage to the parts.

There are two charging plates at the two sides of the trimmer which makes it exceptionally unique and charging easy, effective, efficient and reliable. The charging time for this device takes one (1) hour and operation time is 50 minutes and above.

The body has a charging light display and a low battery display light which helps you to know when the charging is completed and when the device has a low battery rate.

NOTE: During charging, the LED light display green light while during low battery the LED light displays orange light.

The long life span of the Li-ion battery of this shaver is what makes it suitable and durable for traveling and usage at home likewise any where you find yourself.

Manufactures of this product device built the cutter to be self sharpen which basically mean that you would not need to sharpen the cutter for a better shave or trim.

The comb is a versatile material with the ability to trim different hair length without breaking down.


Self sharpening cutter

The cutter of this BG2040 groomer is built with a self sharpening blade that basically does not require an external sharpening of any type.

With this feature, you will enjoy a constant shaving and trimming of your beards or body hairs any time you desire.

The cutter of this device is skin friendly; therefore it can not cause any damage, cut or pull the skin when used.

Cleaning Brush

A cleaning brush is one of the accessories that this shaver has for the purpose of keeping it cleaning and maintaining it.

After using this cleaning brush to remove hairs from this device ensure that the brush is completely cleaned also pulling out the hairs from the bristle of the brush, clean it with clean dry place to avoid bacteria’s from accumulating on the brush.

Battery (Li-Ion)

The battery built in this haircut system is a Li-Ion battery that is strong and durable.

Charging of this battery requires one (1) hour for it to be able to serve you for a longer period of time, once this battery is fully charged, it can serve you for about 50 minutes and above which is enough time to shave all parts of your body.

LED Indicator

The LED indicator on the body of this shaver has two major roles, one indicates charging process (during charging the LED light displays green).

While the other LED display orange light which indicates low battery of the shave.

Charge Stand

The charge stand plays an important role during charging.

It supports the body of the shaver during charging thereby making the process very fast and effective without delays.


This shaver has a charge adapter that is use to connect it to a power source for charging.

The adapter is made of strong material that cannot be easily be damage by electrical voltage.

You can easily carry this adapter along with you while traveling because is portable and simple.

Adjustable Comb

The adjustable comb is located at the other end of the shaver.

This comb can be adjusted at any time, giving the user the freedom to suit his pattern of shaving.

Water Resistance

This is what makes this shaver unique and different from other shavers/trimmers in the market.

The ability to use it even while bathing you can still achieve a smooth and clean shave.

Replaceable Attachments

This device has replaceable attachment parts that can be bough separately if by any reasons some parts develop problems or no longer serve you better.

Life Span

The life span of this body trimmer is long enough to serve for a long period of working time.

Once is fully charged, it can serve you for as long as 50 minutes and above.

The charging duration is one (1) hour for a complete charge.

How To Clean/Maintain This Shave

We advise you to always maintain a high level of hygiene when it comes to your personal shave.

Maintenance of this shaver is easy and can be done at any time of the day without any stress. This can even be done while taking your bath with the help of the cleaning brush to achieve a simple cleaning.

Ensure you use the cleaning brush properly to remove hairs from the comb and foil/cutter then place it under running clean water for rinsing.

For a better and complete cleaning, detach the comb end and clean it with cleaning brush then rinse and allow to air dry before assembling it and store properly in a clean dry place.


*Is built as a water resistant shaver

*It has a long life span

*Portable body design with a firm grip handle

*Built with Li-Ion strong battery

*Self sharpening cutter

*Adjustable comb

*The charger adapter a charge stand

*Some parts are replaceable

*Easy to operate and maintain


*The cutter head is not easy to assemble

*Some parts might need replacement which is sold separately


Final Thought

This product is an excellent device that meet up to every of your shaving need at all point.

One amazing feature is that you wouldn’t need to wait until your body is fully dry of water before you can use the shaver just like some other shavers/trimmers do but with this clipper device you can shave while you are taking your bath and preparing yourself for your daily activity.

What are you waiting for; you can place your order now and start enjoying this awesome product from Philips.

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