Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro Clipper Reviews

Have you made up your mind to purchase a clipper for yourself but do not know the exact product to buy, here we present to you the Wahl Chrome Pro 79524-2501 hair clipper.

This clipper is affordable and can be used by professional barbers, hair stylist and daily home shaver.

The manufactures of this product designed it with high quality material’s and its accessory kits makes it a must use by professional barbers.

This clipper is suitable for all hair types and gives you maximum amazing look that will leave you looking young and attractive.


The Wahl chrome pro is a unique quality product that is built with a self sharpening blades capacity. This means that you wouldn’t need to worry about sharpening the blades on daily or weekly bases because it sharpens itself and is suitable for complete shave and it will deliver to your body the exact grooming looks that you really desire of it.

With this clipper and the haircut kits, you will be able to keep a clean cut all the time and save yourself the stress of cutting and shaving at any barbers shop.

The motor design of this clipper is very fast, durable and reliable with the capacity of cutting through any hair texture and hair length.

Usage of this clipper is so easy because of the portable handle that allows you to grip firmly to it during operation and use it on yourself without seeking for anyone’s help to assist you in cutting or shaving your hair.


Motor: The motor unit of this clipper is of a high quality and is super fast because of the high speed capacity of the motor unit and that is what makes it unique. It does not generate noise during operation.

Self Sharpening Blade: The blade of this clipper is strong, durable and reliable in cutting and shaving your hair.

The blade is made of carbon stainless steel which helps in keeping it sharp for a longer period of time despite the duration of usage.

Cleaning Brush: A cleaning brush is very essential in the aspect of maintaining your clipper device. This product brush is specially manufactured for the purpose of cleaning this clipper.

The bristle of this brush is very soft but is capable of removing every hair stuck in the device..

Blade oil: The blade oil plays an essential role in the maintenance of this clipper and should be used on the clipper always after every shave but ensure that you remover hairs from the blade using your cleaning brush.

Attachment Kit: The attachment kits of this clipper are what make of paramount needful professional stylists and barbers. This kits accompanies the pack when purchase to help you achieve the exact look from your hair cut.

Power Button: The power button helps you in switching on and offing of the clipper and for easy usage.

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Additional Features

*Cleaning brush


*Blade oil

*2 hair clips

*Barber comb

*Styling comb


*Storage case

*Blade guard

*Manual booklet

*5 year warranty


Product Details

NameChrome pro 24-pc Haircut kit
TypeClipper Kits
CountryMade for USA only
BladeSelf sharpening blades for all hair types


How To Clean The Wahl Chrome Clipper

Cleaning of your clipper should be done weekly or immediately after use to avoid and prevent bacteria’s from building up on your clipper by making it infectious to your skin.

Below is the easiest and simplest way to clean your clipper after use.

STEP 1: Disconnect the clipper from the electrical power source.

STEP 2: Use the cleaning brush to move hairs from the tip of blade. Do that gently to avoid sustaining cut from the blade.

STEP 3: Use clean dry towel to clean oil that might have drop on the body of the clipper and also clean the scissor if used.

STEP 4: Use the brush to remove hair from the comb. Wash the comb and brush once in a week in clean soapy water.

STEP 5: Allow to air dry and store back in it storage case.



*It comes with useful attachment kits

*Very easy to operate

*Easy to clean and maintain

*Durable power drive motor

*Is a self sharpening clipper device

*Give your body the attractive grooming looks that you desire

*Suitable for thick, short and rough hairs

*5 year warranty


*The parts cannot be dissemble for cleaning

*No trimmer option

*No option for wet or dry hairs

*Not suit for fast operation

*For USA only.



From all the listed details and functions of this amazing clipper is certainly the right choice for you the right choice for you and your family.

Is time saving, durable, effective, efficient and perfect for your daily cutting, shaving and curving your hairline.

We recommend this product and we assure you that it will give the exact looks that suits you.

You can place your order right away and start enjoying this awesome product of Wahl.

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