Wahl Color Pro Clipper Buyer’s Guide Review

Are you searching for a portable durable, effective and reliable clipper that can meet up with your desire of having a good look and grooming shaver?

Here you will count yourself to be lucky for the lovely look product from Wahl called the Wahl Color pro clipper.

This product will give you all you desire in a clipper starting from giving you a clean cut, shave, curve and trimming your hair to suit you.

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Manufactures of this clipper designed it to be efficient and of professional standard but can be use by both professional barbers, hair stylist and even by normal daily shavers at home.

One interesting thing about this clipper is that it is affordable by anybody, students, marketers, office workers or even medical personals.


This is a beautiful clipper that is so attractive and portable.  The body design is so lovely with color corded keys on it that matches any comb settings on the clipper.

The blade does not require sharpening at all because is a self sharpening blade that remains consistently sharp all the time, giving you a smooth clean cut.

The body of this awesome clipper is smooth and portable, giving you a comfortable and firm grip during operation making you to have absolute control over the device.

The pack of this clipper also comes with beautiful and well designed combs to enable you travel with the clipper without carrying extra combs while traveling. (It has a styling comb and a barber’s comb).

Having this clipper gadget also gives you a 5 years warranty opportunity with an instructional guide booklet that directs you on how to make good use of it.

This 2 pounds weighing clipper is much suitable for a quick cut and shave, it should be properly maintained and cleaned always for it to serve you well and last for a longer period of time.


Blade: The blade of this clipper is a lovely design and an irresistible one because it is a self sharpening blade that does not require you bring it out for sharpening because it gets sharpened on its own as a result of the type of material used in manufacturing the blade.

With this blade, you will enjoy a daily and weekly shave and cut without any worries of how and where to sharpen your clippers blade.

Blade Oil: This clipper comes with blade oil and the function of the oil is to help in the maintenance of the clipper most especially the blade.

This oil should be applied on the blade during use and after use.

N/B: Ensure that you remove hairs from the clipper and blade before applying the blade oil on the blade.

Coded Keys: This amazing clipper device is designed with a color coded keys on its body and each of those color on the body of the clipper matches with each of the comb color for easy settings.

Cleaning Brush: Cleaning brush is one of the important accessories that comes with this gadget and is essential for the maintenance and cleaning of the clipper.

The bristle of this cleaning brush is soft but very effective in removing every string of hair from the clipper.

Scissors: Scissors are essential equipment for having a good hair cut and shaves. This clipper product comes with lovely sharp scissors that can cut through any hair length and this is what makes this device a must have and a must use for professional hair stylist, barber’s and individuals that cut their hair at home on daily bases.

Styling Combs: The styling comb of this clipper are specially manufactured for styling any length of hair giving it different lovely looks and this is one of the reasons this product is ideal for everyone.

Blade Guard: This is a multi-purpose clipper device because of the different colored barbering combs that are all set up in the blade guard for easy usage during cutting and shaving of hair.

Motor: The motor of this device is very strong and durable. it can work for a long period of time without overheating or breaking down unlike other clipper products with less effective motor unit.

With this heavy duty motor unit of the Wahl color pro clipper, you are rest assured of a smooth clean long shaving time.

Adjustable Taper: The taper lever of this clipper is adjustable and it functions very effectively, efficiently and delivers a clean smooth shave or trim blending with the ability of cutting any length of hair.

Barbing Combs: This clipper is designed it with 11 different colored combs that are suitable for cutting and leveling of different hair lengths.

These combs come in color that matches with the coded color keys on the body of the clipper.

Warranty: It has a 5 year warrant but it can serve you for more than 5 years if is properly maintained and cleaned well after every use.

Power Switch: This clipper has a power switch on its body that is use in switching on and offing the device at any given time.

Additional Features

*Instructional manual guide booklet

*Dimension is 9 x 6.2 x 10 inches

*Strong and comfortable grip handle

*Voltage is 120V

*Frequency is 60 Hz

*Power Cord

*Storage case

*Weighs 2 pounds

*Replaceable blade

*A 5 years warranty


Cleaning Of Wahl Color Pro Clipper

We advise you to keep your clipper clean always. Maintenance measures are very essential for your hair clipper.

Do you know that bacteria’s can star accumulating on your clipper if is not properly clean and maintained.

Maintaining the Wahl color pro clipper is very easy and simple because it does not require you opening and bringing out the blade.

  • All you need to do is that after use, remove hairs from the blade and the body with the cleaning brush and use a clean dry towel to clean the body of the clipper.
  • Apply little drops of the blade oil on the tip of the blade; this should be done after 2-3 haircuts. Ensure you remove hairs from the blade before applying the blade oil.
  • Remember to remove hairs from the styling combs and the barbing comb; then clean the scissor with clean dry towel.
  • Finally, store the clipper and all the attachment parts in the storage case keep in a clean dry place.



* Replaceable blade

*Is affordable

*Easy to handle combs

*Adjustable taper lever

*A beautiful body design with a coded color keys

*Effective in cutting different hair lengths

*Easy to clean and maintain

*It has a heavy duty motor unit

*The blade is self sharpening

*Its attachment kits are all of high quality material.

*Its star rating is 4.1


*Noisy during operation.



The product is very strong, durable, effective and efficient and it is essential for getting that amazing and attractive clean cut/shave that you long desired.

It can actually serve you for a longer period of time with the help of the instructional manual guide.

Place your orders now to get this amazing gadget.

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