Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper Kits 79300-1001 Review

Do you wish to have a clipper that is effective, efficient, good looking and have more accessories that makes cutting of hair so easy and fun to do unlike other regular clippers with less or no interesting accessories.

The Wahl color pro clipper kit is the exact clipper device with every accessory kits you need.

In this post, we will be reviewing the reasons why this Color pro clipper kits are the best for professional hair stylist, barbers and families that enjoy daily / weekly shaves with attractive looks.


The 79300-1001 color pro clipper kits is a masterpiece in accessories that makes cutting of hair enjoyable and easy. This amazing clipper kits have a color-coded guide combs for easy and simple usage and a color coded haircut kit that plays the barbing role which is the barber combs.

The storage case of the clipper have 26 piece of accessories which makes this product a must have and use for professional hair stylist.

This particle clipper is a recent brand of Wahl clipper product in the market because of it high quality performance over other clippers.

Users of this product can testify about it and how well it has served them.

What Makes the Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Kit Different From Other Clipper kits.                                                               

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The material’s used in manufacturing every kits/tools of this clipper is of high quality and that is why they are reliable, Durable, effective and efficient.

  1. Coded color barber combs
  2. 26 piece of different accessories
  3. Star rating is 4.1


*Dimension is 2.8 x 8.1 x 8.1 inches

*Weighs 2 pounds

*Pocket comb

*Flat top comb

*2 hair clips

*Neck brush

*Different guide combs

*Instructional guide booklet

*Cleaning brush


*Blade guard

*Blade oil

*Medium comb

*The Clipper

*Storage case



*Is affordable

*Is easy to operate

*Every accessory is made of high quality material

*It saves you time and money

*These kits/tools can be easily carried along while traveling.


*Is made for USA only

*It generates little noise during operation.


Factors To Consider When Buying A Clipper

Motor: The motor unit of a clipper plays an important role on how well and effective the clipper will serve.

Some have V5000 while other is V9000, but whichever is the range of the motor unit what really matters is how powerful is the motor unit to quicken and fasten the speed at which the clipper functions most especially in slicing hairs.

Blades: The nature of the blade in a clipper determines the cutting capacity. Some blades are made of carbon stainless steel while some are made of metallic stainless steel. Etc.

What really matters is how skin friendly is the blade and it efficiency in slicing sown hairs and giving you a smooth cut.

Also, some clipper comes with self sharpening blades while others require you opening the clipper, bringing out the blade to sharpen it with a sharpening stone and placing back or inserting the blade back into the clipper.

Design: The design of a clipper also matters and should be considered when buying a clipper.

The design covers the size of the clipper, how portable is the body of the clipper? Is it a corded or cordless clipper? Can it handles a long time working duration or is for a short time barbering.

Performance: Some clippers are built with a high voltage of 120V and frequency of 60Hz and this also contribute in the determination of the performance capability of the clipper device.

Accessories: Before buying any clipper gadget, is advisable to see the accessories that accompanies it. The accessories are things that are necessary during cutting your hair. Example is the 26 piece hair clipper kits that the Wahl 79300-1001 comes with.

This is what makes the clipper an ideal device for your family.

Instruction guide: Every good working product should have an instructional guide booklet for directions.

This booklet will guide you on how to use, clean and maintain your clipper for it to serve you for a longer time.

Taper Lever: The presence of a taper lever also plays an important role on your clipper.

It gives you full control over the clipper during operation.

Blade Oil: The blade oil plays an important role in the maintenance of the clipper and the blade too.

This oil is one of the essential accessories that accompany the clipper product.



We confidently recommend this Wahl color pro kits is everything you ever from a clipper product.

You would not need to buy extra kits for styling and cutting of your hair anymore because of this all in one hair kit.

What are you waiting for, you can place your orders now.

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