Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro 5201 Review Guide

Have you decided to get a clipper for yourself to enable you to keep up with great and amazing clean looks? But you don’t really know the actual clipper product to purchase then this article is just for you.

Here we present you with the Wahl Deluxe pro clipper. This clipper is manufactured by Wahl industry that is very famous and produces good and high quality clippers that are used all over the world.

This hair clipper device is sophisticated that meets up with all haircut type demands for professional barbers, hair stylist, models, sports personals and normal daily shavers for its effectiveness and efficiency.


This is a complete set of hair cutting accessory that comes with all kits that are vital in having a clean grooming looks.

The handle of this clipper allows you to have a firm grip and comfortability making it easy to use and operate at all time.

The manufactures of this product designed it to be easy to control with the help of the taper lever that functions even as the device is on.

The self sharpening blades inside it make the clipper time saving and stress less because you would not need to worry about sharpening the clipper’s blade before or after use.

The blades are reliable, durable and strong enough to cut low any type of hair texture without breaking down. With this blade, you can cut, shave, curve and also trim your hair/beards.

It also has attachment kits that help you in achieving great irresistible looks and all these lovely kits are all stored in its portable case that is designed with a soft strong zipper that can withstand the stress of opening and closing of the case.


Blades: This clipper is built with self sharpening blades that are made of high carbon steel which are always sharp all the time. It does not require you sharpening it at all.

This blade is suitable for cutting and trimming any hair texture because they are painless and harmless to the skin (they are totally skin friendly).

Taper Lever: The taper lever of this product gives you an absolute control over this device thereby allowing you to make any adjustment even while the clipper is in motion.

Attachment Kits: This clipper comes with lots of attachment kits that plays an important role during cutting and styling of hair. They are all stored in the Wahl Deluxe Chrome pro case.

These attachment kits includes combs, scissors, blade oil, cleaning brush which makes it a desirable and must have clipper for professional hair stylist, barbers and normal daily shaving individuals.

Motor: The motor unit of this Deluxe pro clipper is strong and durable and also can withstand a long working minute without heating up or breaking down.

The manufactures designed this clipper with a motor energy unit that is unique in nature and also withstanding among other clippers motor.

Cleaning Brush: Cleaning your clipper is very vital and essential, that‘s why cleaning brush comes with the package to enable you to clean the clipper at any given time.

This brush is specially manufactured for the purpose of cleaning this clipper. Its bristle is soft enough to remove hairs from the blade without being damaged.

Clipper Oil: The clipper oil plays an important role in the maintenance of the clipper most especially the blade. Since the blade is self sharpening it only requires you applying the clippers oil on the tip of the blade to keep it running fast and giving you a clean cut that will leave you looking awesome.

The oil also comes with the package as an additional requirement necessary for achieving a clean haircut.

How To Clean This Clipper After Use

Cleaning and maintaining this clipper is very important because that is one of the steps to making it serve you for a longer period of time.

One of the reasons why you must clean the clipper after use is to protect it against bacteria’s and fungi. Not cleaning the clipper will attract accumulation of bacteria’s on the clipper especially on the blade which will be transferred to your hair and scalp causing infections such as dandruff, dry scalp, odors. Etc.

Below is the simplest and easiest way to clean your clipper immediately after use.

Step 1: Ensure that the clipper is disconnected from the electrical power source. Never leave it connected to a power source after shaving or during cleaning.

Step 2: Separate the used kits from the unused kits before cleaning.

Step 3: Use the cleaning brush to remove hairs from the clippers blade.

Step 4: Add little drops of the blade oil on the blade.

Step 5: Clean the body of the clipper with a clean dry towel.

Step 6:  Wash the styling combs that were used in a warm soapy water and wash, then dry them with a clean dry towel.

Step 7: Store the clipper and all the attachment parts in their storage case.

Additional Features


*Clipper oil

*Styling combs

*Cleaning brush

*Strong motor unit

*Storage casing



*Easy to operate

*Easy to clean and maintain

*Has self sharpening blade

*The body design is stylish

*Can withstand a long working time without overheating

*Has good working attachment kits.


*Useful to only individuals in the USA only.



The Wahl Deluxe Chrome pro clipper is the ideal clipper for anyone who loves consistent changing of hair looks.

It will present you with an excellent look that is totally different and irresistible.

You can place your orders for this clipper and get the best use of this awesome product from WAHL.


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