Wahl Elite Pro VS Super Taper II Hair Clipper Review

Wahl clipper manufacturing industry is a well known product that has one of the high rated ranking among other regular clipper products from different manufacture.

These two brands of Wahl clipper are amazing devices that are unique in their mode of performance.

In this post, we will be reviewing vital information’s about the above hair clippers and also comparing the two hair clippers.

Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper

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This is an amazing clipper, the manufactures designed to be able of cutting different hair length ranging from 0.8mm to 25mm.

The blades are skin friendly and they are suitable for all skin types and gives you control over how the speed of the device should be with the help of the taper lever built in it.

This blade self sharpening device makes shaving and cutting very easy at all time because you need not to worry about sharpening the blade each time you want to use the clipper and this is one of the reasons why is most admired and desired by both hair stylist and professional barbers.

This clipper device is a USA made with a very high quality performance ability that makes it easy for any user to operate it.


Taper Lever: The Taper lever of this clipper is absolutely amazing and it has an adjustable feature which allows you to adjust the clipper during operation to suit you.

Motor Unit: The motor unit of this clipper is reliable, effective and powerful. The motor is what stimulate this device to work very fast in slicing down any hair follicle they come in contact with.

Self Sharpening Blade:  This clipper is built with a high quality self sharpening blade that does not require you sharpening it. All you need to keep this blade effectively working is just ensure that you remove hairs from the blade after every shave and apply the beard oil on it.

Power Cord: This is a heavy duty machine is a powerful device with a strong power cord which plays an important role in charging this clipper because it can withstand electrical voltage without causing damages.

Attachment Kits: The attachment kits of this clipper includes scissors, Blade guard, storage case, stainless steel styling combs, cleaning brush, guide combs.etc.

Additional Feature

*5 year warranty

*10 attachment combs

*8 ft long power cord

*28 to 40 barber’s cape

*The material is stronger than other clipper devices.


How To Clean The Wahl Elite Pro

*Disconnect the clipper from the electrical power source.

*Remove hairs from the blade and the combs using the cleaning brush.

*Add some little drops of the clipper oil on the blade and clean the body with clean dry towel.

* The every kit including the clipper in its storage case.



*Is of a high value to users

*It has 10 attachment combs

*Controllable strong taper lever

*Heavy duty device

*Self sharpening blade

*Has a storage case for the kits


*Is a heavy clipper product

*No suitable for all barbers.


Wahl Super Taper II Professional Hair Clipper Review

Are you searching for a clipper that is perfect in working and offers you excellent kits for cutting and styling your hairs?

Then the Wahl super Taper II is just what you need.



This device can serve as a clipper and as a beard trimmer at the same time.

Among the Wahl clipper models, this is one of the best and well known than other clippers. It is built with an electromagnetic motor unit that is V5000 rating thereby can be use at home, in barbering shops or by professional hair stylist.

The power cord of this clipper is 8 ft long with 8 attachment combs that allows you to give yourself more styling and barbering patterns.

For smooth and attractive looks, this unique device will deliver it to you.



Oil: The Oil plays an important role in the maintenance of this clipper is advisable to put little drop of this Wahl oil on the tip of the blade after use. This oil comes with the package of the super taper clipper.

Motor unit: The electromagnetic motor unit used in building this system is V5000 motor unit that is very strong and durable.

This is what helps in quickening it and making it a fast haircutting device.

Cleaning Brush: The cleaning brush helps you in the cleaning and maintenance of this clipper after every use.

Ensure you are careful during cleaning it with the brush to avoid getting cut from the blade.

Attachment Kits: The attachment kit that accompanies this product is the 8 different combs that are necessary for styling of hair.

This comb comes in different sizes, making it easy and suitable for all hair lengths.

Blade Guard: The red blade guard helps to keep the blade in a stable position during operation and prevents it from causing any damage to your skin.


Additional Features

*Cutting guides

*Blade #1006

*Dimension is 12 x 4 x 6 inches

*Power cord length is 8 ft long

*V5000 electromagnetic motor unit

*Voltage is 120V

*Frequency 60Hz

*Red blade guard

*Clipper oil

*Cleaning brush

*8 attachment combs


How To Clean The Wahl Super Taper II Clipper

*Disconnect the clipper from the electrical power source.

*Use the cleaning brush to remover hairs from the blade and a dry towel to clean the body of the clipper.

*Apply little drop of the clipper oil to the tip of the blade.

*Ensure that the combs are cleaned before storage.

*Store every part in the storage case properly.



*This device is a multi-purpose shaver

*It does not heat up during operation

*Easy to operate

*Easy to clean and maintain

*Has 8 different styling combs

*The length of the power is 8 ft long

*Is an Ergonomic design

*Is affordable


*Is noisy during operation

*It vibrate during operation

*The V5000 electromagnetic motor unit is lower than clippers with V9000 motor unit.


Differences Between The Wahl Elite Pro VS Wahl Super Taper II Hair Clipper

Dimension is 3 x 9 x 10 inchesDimension is 12 x 4 x 6 inches
8 ft long power cordCordless but 6.25 inches long
A heavy in weight clipperA light weight clipper
A corded motor unitA V5000 motor unit
Secure fit guide combsHas 8 attachment combs
Self sharpening bladeNot a self sharpening blade
Weighs 2.5 poundsWeighs 1 pound
It has adjustable taper leverIt has professional grade with 120V and 60Hz




We confidently recommend these two clippers for you because they are of the manufacturing industry and they are built with an awesome and amazing quality material’s that have long life span duration.

We assure you that they are really what you desire for a clean and irresistible looks.

Place your orders now and get this lovely pack.



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