Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper kit Review

Buying a clipper for your family use is very essential because it saves time and money.

Another reason why your family needs their own personal clipper device is for the purpose of hygiene.

Hygiene is a factor that should never be neglected in our daily living because is very important to pay attention to the aspect of hygiene in order to stay healthy always.

We advise you to get your family a clipper and use it for yourself and your family. You can even go any professional hair stylist shop with your family and with your Wahl Elite pro clipper to cut, shave, trim and curve your hair.

Here we present you with this amazing clipper product called the Wahl Elite pro.


This is the USA made with a high-performance ability that makes it easy to operate but very effective and efficient.

The self-sharpening of this clipper makes it desirable and irresistible by professional hair stylist and individual users.

The manufactures designed this clipper to be able to cut different hair length ranging from 0.8mm to 25mm and it will give you that irresistible look that so desires and wanted.

The blades are skin friendly and they are suitable for all skin types and give you the total control of how speedy or lowly it will cut any hair because of the taper lever built in it also presenting you with a firm grip.


Blades: This clipper blade is very sharp and the capability of cutting any hair texture and giving you clean shaves without causing any harm to your skin.

One unique feature of the blade is that it is self-sharpening which means that it does not require any external sharpening.

Taper Lever: The taper lever of this clipper device is amazingly beautified and it has an adjustable feature which allows you to adjust the clipper during operation to suit your shaving pattern.

Cutting Capability: This clipper device cutting capability is awesome because it can cut various hair lengths effectively and smoothly ranging from 0.8mm to 25mm and above.

It can also be used for trimming of beards.

Motor: The motor unit of this clipper is very strong and power than other clippers. For this very reason, it made it one of the highly demanded clippers that that is durable and reliable.

Attachment Kits: This attachment kits of this clipper are all strong, durable and reliable. They are what makes this clipper a must have for families, hair stylist, and professional barber.

The attachment kits include;

*A stainless steel styling combs

*Cleaning brush

*Blade guard

*Clipper oil


*Premium storage case

*Guide Combs

Power Cord: The power charge cord of this clipper is a heavy duty power cord that is strong enough to withstand high pressure voltage and would not be melted by high voltage and would not be melted by the high voltage current.

The power charging cord is 8 ft long in length.


Additional Features

*A special storage bag for the metal guard materials

*A 28 by 40 barber’s cape

*Styling comb and shear

*An 8ft inches long power cord

*Stronger material that is 7o% stronger than other regular clipper products.

*Very strong self sharpening blades

*Stainless steel combs

*10 attachment combs (one is 15mm and eight are 25mm)

*Adjustable taper lever

*Strong motor unit

*5 year blade warranty

How To Clean The Wahl Elite Pro

This family clipper requires proper cleaning and maintenance measures.

Cleaning of this clipper device should be basically done on the parts o kits that where use or that are used on daily bases.

NOTE: Never store used kits that are just to be cleaned with the clean kits that have not been used or that were not used.

Ensure the used kits are cleaned properly before storing it with the already clean or unused kits.

Below are the easy simple steps to clean your clipper after use.

Step 1: Disconnect from the power source.

Step 2: Use the cleaning brush to brush away hairs from the clipper and the combs. When doing this be careful in order not to let the blade cut your hand.

Step 3: Apply the clipper oil on the necessary parts following the instructions on the manual guide.

Step 4: Use a clean dry towel to clean the body of the clipper.

Step 5: Store the clipper and the kits properly in the storage case and close well to prevent dust from entering the storage case.



*It has high value

*The motor is durable and robust too

*Is a self sharpening device

*10 attachment styling combs

*Storage case for all the kits

*Is an all in one clipper device because it has all the necessary kits for a clean, smooth and amazing haircut.

*Strong taper lever control

*Is a heavy duty clipper


*Is a heavy duty clipper product

*Is not suitable for all barber’s shop

*Is heavy in nature

*Is bit expensive but worth the cost


The Wahl products present you with a varsity of clippers that are amazingly awesome and the Elite Pro is one of the best product design and we confidently recommend it for you and your family.

With this, your family haircut needs will be met and you will be glad you got this clipper for your family use.

You can place your orders right away and get this lovely clipper device.




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