Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Cordless Clipper 79600-2101 Review

Are you searching for a clipper that will serve you for a longer period of time?

Are you searching for a clipper device with strong capability of cutting different hair texture without any stress?

A clipper that you can use in styling your hair anytime or are you searching for a portable clipper that is easy to carry along with you while traveling, and then this is your lucky post.

Here we present to you the Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Pro clipper.


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This clipper is a product of Wahl and one of the best clippers in the market with an affordable price.

Is suitable for regular hair shaves and daily haircuts; you can use this device for trimming and for beard grooming.

This sleek shape design is a sophisticated and amazing clipper that is very effective, efficient, reliable and durable enough to give the exact looks that you really desire at all time.

The device is built with strong lithium-ion battery that can withstand an hour (one hour) usage under 2 (two hours) charging duration especially traveling with this device.

There is one of other awesome feature of this device which is the quick charge and a quick cut feature.

The features enable you to use this clipper within the duration of 15 minutes charging of the battery, within this time, you are rest assure of having a clean cut instead of waiting for a whole 2 (two) hours to charge the clipper before you can be able to use it.

The body has a LED light on it; the purpose of this light is to display information’s related to the charging activity.

NOTE: It can serve as a cordless and corded clipper for any user.



Click Here to Buy from Amazon

Lithium Ion battery: This clipper device is built with a lithium ion battery that is very strong, active and durable.

This battery can serve for a longer period of time than other regular clippers. It can actually be charged for a period of two hours for a complete charge and serve for one hour.

You can travel with this long lasting clipper and not worry about charging it for a period of 3 to 4 long shaves.

Cleaning Brush: The cleaning brush of this device is very effective in removing hairs from this clipper after every use.

Is advisable to wash the cleaning brush once in a while and the focus should be on the bristle of the brush to ensure that all hairs stuck inside the bristle is removed.

LED Light: This device have LED light display on its body, the purpose of this light is to display the charging details allowing you to know when the clipper is fully charged and also know when the clipper is running low battery so that you can easily place it on charge.

Self Sharpening Blade: Manufactures of this clipper built it with a self sharpening blade which means that you wouldn’t need to worry about sharpening the blade anytime you which to use it because the blade has the ability of keeping itself sharpened at all time.

Trimmer: One of the unique feature of this clipper is that it can serve as a great trimmer because the 1 AA battery that is built with.

Blade oil: The blade oil plays an important role in the maintenance of this clipper.

We advise you to ensure that you remove hairs from the clipper before applying the blade oil.

Power Cord: The charging power cord of this device is amazingly awesome and can withstand high voltage without breaking down.

Accessories: This clipper pack comes with lovely accessory kits that makes cutting of hair beautiful. The kits include Hair clips, two combs, soft storage case, an instructional guide booklet, cape, scissors; Etc.


*The quick cutting feature allows you to use this clipper with a 15 minutes charge rate

*Strong lithium-ion battery

*It has a powerful 1 AA trimmer battery

*It has a charge rate LED light display

*Is affordable

*Is a portable clipper design.


*Is a fragile clipper and should be handled with care.

*Cleaning it is not so easy

*Complete charging of this clipper requires 2 hours

Factors To Consider When Buying A Clipper

Blade: Before buying a clipper, is advisable to know the type of blade that is built inside the clipper. Is it a self sharpening blade, a carbon stainless steel blade or a metal steel blade and how friendly the blade will be to the skin?

With these questions, you will be able to know what you really want for yourself.

Stability: The stability of a clipper also matters during barbering operation. Once a clipper device is stable, it will cut hair effectively and efficiently without pulling the hair from the roof.

Sensitivity: Clippers are not only used for cutting of scalp hairs. Men use clippers for shaving of chest hairs, armpit hairs. Etc.

So is advisable to buy clippers that are sensitive in dictating different hair textures and cut them gently without pulling on the hair or hurting the skin beneath the hair.

Combs: Using Combs is essential when cutting your hair and when styling too, we advise you to check if the clipper product you intend buying has barbing combs and styling combs too.

This saves you the stress of traveling around with extra combs for styling your hair.

Cleaning Brush: The use of a cleaning brush in the maintenance of your clipper set is really important.

Different clipper products packs comes with a cleaning brush or brushes that are specially made for cleaning that particle clipper, these brushes have soft bristle that can easily enter into the tip of the blade and remove every hair in them.

Design: The body design of a clipper product also matters and should be considered when purchasing a clipper.

Some clipper body shape creates a strong firm grip to the user and allows the user to handle it well when cutting hairs on any part of the body.


Customers of this awesome product have good report about this clipper and how effective it has served them.

Both people with short hair, long hair and regular hair cut enjoys the turn out of the shaves gotten from this clipper.

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