Wahl Magic Clip vs Designer Cordless Clippers- Basic Difference

Are you a barber or a hair stylist who enjoy using different clippers or you are a professional stylist that people come to on daily bases to style their hair.

In this post we will be review clipper product from the best used and selling clipper which are the Wahl Magic clipper also know as Wahl 5 star magic clip cordless clipper and the Wahl cordless designed clipper.

We will be giving you details about this two products and also listing out the differences and comparisons between them.


WAHL Magic Clip (8451)

This is an awesome and unique cordless clipper that is very effective and efficient in cutting, shaving, curving and styling your hair. This cordless can be used by both professional stylist or by any individual that loves using clippers on daily bases.

This product is skin friendly (what we mean is that it is mild on the skin) and will deliver to you the exact clean and smooth shave you’ve always desire.

The manufactures of this clipper device built it to be well sophiscated and easy to handle at all time. The V9000 motor horse power this clipper is built with allows it to work very efficiently and effectively without causing harm on your skin.

Features of Wahl Magic Clip

*Is suitable for different kind of hair styles and shaves.

*Strong painless blades that delivers to you a clean and smooth shaves.

*The motor of this clipper is quit higher than other regular clipper is built with a V9000 motor.

*Is a higher quality device with a durable performance and is best suitable for professional stylist.

*The battery is strong to serve you for a longer period of time and also the battery is a lithium battery.


Specifications Are;

*A power cord of 8 ft long

*Electromagnetic power of V9000 motor

*Cleaning brush

*Is 6.5 inches long device

*Voltage is 120V

*Frequency is 60Hz

*It weighs 1lb

*Has it maintenance oil

*Has 8 attachment combs

*Its dimension is 8 x 2.8 x 3 inches

*Blades guard

*Manual guide

*The blades are flexible

*Is a light weight device


How To Maintain Your Wahl Magic Clip

Keeping your clipper clean is essential and vital because lack of good maintenance will definitely leave your clipper unhealthy thereby making it attracted by bacterials and fungi that might cause infectious diseases to your skin.

Below is the simplest and easiest way to handle your Wahl magic clip clean.

NOTE: Is best to clean the clipper after every use and store properly.

STEP 1: Use the cleaning brush to remove hairs on the blades, be careful when doing this in order not to cut or harm yourself.

STEP 2: Apply the blade oil on the blades of the clipper on daily use.

STEP 3: On weekly cleaning, is advisable to dissemble the blades from the clippers body and clean properly.

STEP 4: Allow it air dry well before storing it back in its pack and keep safely.



*The blades are adjustable

*Is a cordless device that does not require connection to a electricity power source.

*Is built with a V9000 motor

*Has lithium battery

*The quality is of higher performance

*Is affordable



*Does not have a battery indicator

*It sales is only for USA.


WAHL Professional Cordless Designer clipper

This is more just a cordless clipper, this device is built with a high performance capabilities that places it on a high demand by stylists, barbers and professional in all forms of hair styling.

The Wahl professional cordless designer clipper is built with great durability and its sharpness is a razor-sharp standard and that is why it is on a high demand by both professional stylist and normal daily shaver individuals.

Manufactures of this product built it with a lithium-ion battery which enables it to work effectively and efficiently during operation.

One unique feature design that is a turning point for every one that contact with it is the charge indicator which displays once the clipper is on, charge and once it gets full or completely charge the light indicator automatically turns off.


Features WAHL Professional Cordless Designer clipper

*The battery is strong and durable

*The blades are razor- sharpness quality but painless

*Suitable for barbers, stylist and daily shave

*It has a charge indicator

*Is designed with 1005 wide spread blades

*Also come with combs that help you in styling your help

*Its pack has cleaning kits that helps for maintenance.


Specifications Are;

*Lithium-ion battery

*Dimension is 12 x 9 x 10 inches

*1005 wide spread blade

*8 attachment combs

*A light weight device

*Has its oil maintenance

*Weights 10.2 oz (1.8 pounds)

*Power cord charger

*Charge indicator

*Measures 6.25 inches long

*Voltage is 100-240V

*Frequency is 60 Hz



*Is efficient and durable

*The blade is very sharp but painless

*Is both a cordless and corded clipper

*Has a charge indicator

*The lithium-ion battery last for a long time


*Is for USA only

*It vibrates a little during operation.

COMPARISM / Differences Between Wahl Magic Clip Vs Wahl Professional Designers Clipper


This two product designs are awesome and they are at a very high demand by professional barber’s stylist and normal daily shaves.

They both clipper devices are effective and efficient in their work pattern.

Below are the differences between the two designs of Wahl Clippers.


1It has 8 attachment combsIt has 8 attachment combs
2Clipper blade oilClipper blade oil
3Red blade guardRed blade guard
4Cleaning brush for maintaining itCleaning brush for maintaining it
5Manual guide bookletManual guide booklet
6Operation voltage is 120VOperation voltage is 100 to 240V
7Frequency is 50/60 HzFrequency is 60 Hz
8Dimension is 8 x 2.8 x 3 inchesDimension is 12 x 9 x 10 inches
9It weighs 1 lbIt weighs 1.8 pounds (10.2 oz)
10Does not have a charge indicator on itIt has a charge indicator on its body
11The clipper length is 6.5 longThe clipper length is 6.25 long
12It has a 2191 blades / adjustable bladesIt has one 1005 versatile blade
13Lithium-ion batteryVery strong lithium-ion battery
14It has a charging power cordIt has a charging power cord
15No vibration during operationVibrate a little during operation
16Designed with a V9000 motor unitDesigned with a V9000 motor unit



Factors To Consider When Buying A Cordless Clipper

Blade: Knowing the type of blade used in designing a clipper is very important because some blades are not skin friendly and can cause harm and cut the skin if not properly use.

Some blade may even start rusting after 2 to 3 times use which may require you changing the blade.

Attachment Parts: When purchasing a clipper, is very essential to note the attachment parts that it comes along with for the easy usage of the clipper.

Some of the attachments to look out for are styling combs, cleaning brush, clipper oil, blade guard, charging cord. Etc.

Taper Lever: Is very important to be observed during purchasing a cordless clipper with adjustable taper to make shaving easy, faster and simple.

Battery: ensure that the clipper you intend buying has strong and durable battery that can withstand the test of usage and time too.

Motor: Different cordless clippers comes with different motor rating. Is advisable to purchase any clipper device with higher motor rating.

Quality: The quality of clippers differs from one to another and this depends on the manufactgures view.

Clippers with high qulity material has a high performance rate.


The above mentioned cordless clippers are all awesome and durable, their mode of performance differs from each other depending on your choice of clipper.

Users of these clippers has good and wonderful report on how well the Wahl 5 star magic slipper and Wahl professional cordless designer has serve them so well and given them the looks the desire and a clean cut.

What are you waiting for, you can place your orders right always and start enjoying this amazing product from Wahl.

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