Wahl Magic Clip VS Wahl Senior: Which Is Better For You

WAHL Magic Clip (8451)

This is an awesome and unique cordless clipper that is very effective and efficient in cutting, shaving, curving and styling your hair. This cordless can be used by both professional stylist or by any individual that loves using clippers on daily bases.

This product is skin friendly (what we mean is that it is mild on the skin) and will deliver to you the exact clean and smooth shave you’ve always desire.

The manufactures of this clipper device built it to be well sophiscated and easy to handle at all time. The V9000 motor horse power this clipper is built with allows it to work very efficiently and effectively without causing any harm to your skin.


*Is suitable for different kind of hair styles and shaves.

*Strong painless blades that delivers to you a clean and smooth shaves.

*The motor of this clipper is quit higher than other regular clipper is built with a V9000 motor.

*Is a higher quality device with a durable performance and is best suitable for professional stylist.

*The battery is strong to serve you for a longer period of time and also the battery is a lithium battery.



Blades: The blade of this clipper is very effective, efficient but harmless to the skin. It mode of performance is excellent and skin friendly, delivering to you a smooth clean cut.

The blades are 2101 and strong enough to withstand any skin hair textures.

Motor Unit: The motor of this cord/cordless clipper is very strong and can withstand a long working period because of it motor that is V9000 which is higher than other regular clipper motor unit.

Tapper Lever: The taper is an important feature that should be taken note of when purchasing a clipper.

The position of the taper should give you an adjustment freedom even as it in motion.

Battery: The Wahl magic clipper is built with a strong, reliable and durable battery that works so well when fully charged.

Attachment Kits: This device comes with attachment kits that makes it a must use by professional barbers, stylist and daily individual shavers.

These attachment kits includes cleaning brush, combs, clipper oil and blade guard.

Attachment Kits: This device comes with attachment kits that makes it a must use by professional barbers, stylist and daily individual shavers.
This attachment kits includes a cleaning brush, styling combs, clipper oil and blade guards.


Specifications Are;

*A power cord of 8 ft long

*Electromagnetic power of V9000 motor

*Cleaning brush

*Is 6.5 inches long device

*Voltage is 120V

*Frequency is 60Hz

*It weighs 1lb

*Has it maintenance oil

*Has 8 attachment combs

*Its dimension is 8 x 2.8 x 3 inches

*Blades guard

*Manual guide

*The blades are flexible

*Is a light weight device


How To Maintain Your Wahl Magic Clip

Keeping your clipper clean is essential and vital because lack of good maintenance will definitely leave your clipper unhealthy thereby making it attracted by bacteria’s and fungi that might cause infectious diseases to your skin.

Below is the simplest and easiest way to handle your Wahl magic clip clean.

NOTE: Is best to clean the clipper after every use and store properly.

STEP 1: Use the cleaning brush to remove hairs on the blades, be careful when doing this in order not to cut or harm your skin.

STEP 2: Apply the blade oil on the blades of the clipper on daily use.

STEP 3: On weekly cleaning, is advisable to dissemble the blades from the clippers body and clean properly.

STEP 4: Allow it air dry well before storing it back in its pack and keep safely.



*The blades are adjustable

*Is a cordless device that does not require connection to a electricity power source.

*Is built with a V9000 motor

*Has lithium battery

*The quality is of higher performance

*Is affordable



*Does not have a battery indicator

*It sales is only for USA.


Wahl Senior Clipper (8500)

This is one of the ultimate clipper design from the Wahl product of clipper that is superior, famous and is commonly used among profession barbers and hair stylist all over the world.

The Wahl senior clipper is a cordless clipper design that is easy to use at anytime and carried around during traveling.

The body design of this clipper is a unique because it gives your hand a firm grip and allows your thumb to be fully relaxed on the clipper during operation. It also has a slim body that allows you to hold it firmly with one hand comfortable unlike other regular clippers that are bulky in nature.

The senior Wahl cordless clipper is built with strong drive unit that is 6.500rpm which quickens it work very fast with a high voltage that ranges from 100 to 240V that enables it to with stand a long working duration of 70 minutes and above without breaking down.


Blades: The blades are strong, durable, effective efficient and skin friend to all skin types this product is designed with blade set of 02161-400 that are very sharp but harmless.

Attachment Kits: The attachment kits of this clipper are necessary during cutting, shaving, curving and trimming your hairs, which makes this product a vita one for hair stylist and profession barbers.

With these attachment kits, it is very easy to maintain this clipper. Keeping this clipper neat with these kits will make it last long for you and serve you well.

The kits includes clipper oil, styling combs that ranges at 1½ mm styling comb, 3mm styling comb, 4½ mm styling comb, blade guard, cleaning brush and a charger.

Body: The body of this clipper is designed to have a resting nature which allows it to rest well on any plate form its placed on without it falling.

This also gives you a firm grip and makes it comfortable for you during use. The size is also important because it is portable and easy to carry along while traveling without any stress.

Engine: The engine is very strong to work for a longer time than other regular clipper and this is what makes it effective, efficient and durable. This device is built with a DC Engine of 6.500rpm.

Battery: It has a long lasting battery that provides the exact speed required to cut and slice hairs from the root or from the tip.

Also, this clipper is built with a lithium-ion battery that has long durability.


*Its operating time is 70 minutes and above.

*It can be use to cut, shave and trim any type of hair (thick and light hair texture)

*Has a cleaning brush

*A charging cord

*Charges for 120 minutes

*Blade guard

*Built with lithium-ion battery

*Engine is 6500rpm

*Functions as a cord and cordless clipper

*3 attachment combs

*Has a clipper oil

*A 2 year warranty


Maintenance Measures

Step 1: Ensure you don’t leave the clipper connected to a power source when is not in use.

Step 2: Always use the clipper oil on the blades and all necessary part that requires the application of the oil.

Step 3: Brush away hairs always from the clipper with the cleaning brush.

Step 4: Also brush hairs always from the styling comb after use.

Step 5: Make out time to wash the combs and brush in clean soapy warm water and store them properly after use.



*The battery life span is long

*Is not a noisy device

*Is a portable device

*The clipper is very easy to operate

*Easy to clean and maintain

*It has a comfortable grip

*The blades are skin friendly

*Is a famous clipper device that can be used by professional barbers.


*If not properly cleaned, maintained and store properly might result to damage to the clipper.

Dimension is 8 x 2.8 x 3 inchesDimension is 2.5 x 2 x 7 inches
Weighs 1 lbWeighs 1 lb.3oz
Voltage is 120VVoltage is 120V
Frequency is 60 HzFrequency is 60 Hz
V9000 electromagnetic motorV9000 electromagnetic motor
8 ft long power charging cord8 ft long power charging cord
Blade #2191Blade #1005
Clipper length is 6.5 inches longClipper length is 6.5 inches long
Has 8 attachment styling combsHas 3 attachment styling combs
Cleaning brush is presentCleaning brush is present
Clipper oil is presentClipper oil is present
Guide manual bookletGuide manual booklet
Red blade guardRed blade guard


Factors To Consider When Buying A Clipper

*The Blade / Blade guard

*The portability

*The motor unit

*The attachment parts

*The maintenance measures

* Engine

*The battery

*Life span


*Storage case

*Instruction guide


The above products are from the same manufacturing industry and are totally amazing and famous. You will find them in all professional hair stylist and barbers shops.

You can place your orders now and save yourself the cost of spending all the time in a barbers shop and safe yourself some time and stress of trying to meet up to a barbers shop to cut your hair

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