Wahl 8110 Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

Having a clipper is one thing and having the best clipper that has an excellent performance with reliable durability is another thing.

The quality of a clipper depends on its effectiveness and efficiency in working. Another thing that determines the quality of the device is the product make.

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The Wahl clipper manufacturing company is a famous name that is known for best and top clippers that are used all over the world.

You might have used other clipper products from different manufactures. Some are not really what the manufactures claim they are, but when it comes to the Wahl product is exactly what your hair need to give it that clean smooth out without pulling the hairs from its root.

Here we present to you one of the best top quality clipper from Wahl product called the Wahl professional Balding clipper (8110). This is the perfect clipper device that will give you that charming and attractive looks you long desired.


The Balding clipper is a super shaver that is so accurate in it performance with the help of the electromagnetic motor unit is built with. The motor unit allows it to cut hair cut other clipper cannot achieve.

The electromagnetic motor built in this device is V5000 plus which is high and effective accompanied by a strong power cord that is chemical resistant.

Its voltage is 120V with a frequency of 60 Hz it gives it a high performance rate making it suitable for slicing hair, its lowest level without cause and harm to the skin.

This clipper also comes with an instructional manual that is written in English language and Spanish language. The purpose of the instructional manual is to help direct you especially the starter (individuals who just purchase the Wahl professional balding clipper) on how to use and maintain the clipper for it to serve them for a long time.

The pack of this device comes with attachment kits that are essential for cutting your hair and makes it easy for you to travel with device without carrying extra hair equipment.


Motor: The motor of this device is an electromagnetic unit of  V5000 motor making it a strong and durable device that can withstand a long working durable device without breaking down unlike other clipper product that come with very low electromagnetic motor unit that can only function for just few minutes and start overheating because of work load.

Blade: The blade is very sharp and painless but be rest assured that blade will slice down and any single hair it comes in contact with without pulling on the hair from the root which will generate so much pains to the scalp.

NOTE: it includes surgical cutting edge and the blade #2105 does not rust or break during operation.

Clipper Oil: The clipper oil is a unique oilman that will help in the maintenance of this clipper.

Once you purchase this clipper device, the pack comes with oil for it maintenance. Never use any clipper oil you come across on this can get more of Wahl clipper oil for the maintenance of your clipper always.

Capability: The capability of this clipper is amazing because of the 60 Hz frequency and a voltage of 120V which makes it fast and quick in slicing hairs.

Attachment Kits: The attachment kits comes with the pack of this device. This includes two (2) styling combs that are strong enough to style your hair without pulling your hair.

Additional Features

*8 ft power cord length

*It weight 9.6 ounce

*Voltage of 120V

*Frequency of 60 Hz

*Instruction manual

*Clipper oil

*Cleaning Brush

*2 strong styling combs

*V5000 motor unit

*It dimension is 1.8 x 1.8 x 5 inches

*Chemical resistant cord



How To Clean And Maintain This Clipper

Maintaining and cleaning your clipper device from time to time or as much as you use it is very important and this is one of the thing that will make the device to serve you for a very long time without damaging and contaminated.

Failure to keep it clean always will result bacteria’s are being attracted to your clipper and cause it to start damaging little by little.

This will require you getting a new clipper or replacing the damaged parts.

Below are steps to clean and maintain your clipper;

STEP 1: Disconnect from the electrical power source (Never start cleaning your clipper while is connected to an electrical power source to avoid being electrocuted.

STEP 2:   Remove the clipper head using a suitable screw driver to carefully remove the nuts.

STEP 3: Carefully expose the blade by bring it out.

STEP 4: Use the cleaning brush to gently brush hairs away from the clipper and the blade

STEP 5: Also use a clean dry towel to clean the body of the clipper and blade before inserting the blade back and tightening the nuts.


Wash the styling combs that were used in clean soapy warm water and dry them with a clean dry towel.

STEP 7: Finally, store all the kits including the clipper in its pack.

With the above steps be rest assured that your clipper will be very clean and will serve you for a longer number of years.



*The surgical sharp cutting edge is extremely sharp like a razor.

* Strong electromagnetic motor unit.

*Is durable, reliable, effective and efficient to serve you for a longer time.

*Built with a chemical resistant cord


*The blades sharpness is enough to cut any growth on the scalp or moles on your skin.

*Accessible by USA only

*The blade is not a self sharpening which means that you will need to sharpen it from time to time in order to keep sharp always.



This device is a reliable product that does its work very well. Its high quality performance makes it a needful device that will never disappoint you anytime and anywhere.

We confidently recommend this product for hair stylist, professional barbers and normal daily hair shaver who want to be admired and appreciated because of their irresistible look which is their hair cut.

You can place your order now and start enjoying a clean cut and shave at all time.


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