Wahl Super TAPER II Professional Hair Clipper Review

There are lots of clipper products built by different clipper manufacturing industries. So you might want to make a choice on the type of product of clipper to buy.

That is why we are presenting to you this awesome product from WAHL called the Wahl Super Tapper II professional hair clipper to help you in cutting, trimming, shaving and curving your hair presenting you with an irresistible looks.

Is essential to get your own personal clipper device to save you the stress of going to barbers shop all the time and also safe you cost. With your own personal clipper, you will be able to shave yourself at any time of the day and maintain a clean look always and the clipper to enjoy and achieve this amazing look this Super Tapper II professional clipper will deliver it to you.


Design: This super Tapper II is a professional hair clipper that can be use at home, barbers shop, stylist office or during traveling.

The clipper gives you an extra freedom to move around the room you are using in cutting your hair because of the length of the power cord use in connecting it to an electrical source the length of the cord is 8 ft long.

This device is and electromagnet device that is built with a V5000 motor unit which is what stimulates it to cut hair with a high speed quality.
The dimension of this clipper is 12 x 4 x 6 inches which makes it portable and easy to carry around especially while traveling.

Cleaning this device is very easy because of the cleaning tools and it also has oil that is used in the maintenance of the clipper.

It operates at 120V (voltage) and at 60 Hz frequency which makes it efficient, effective and durable during operation.

Another amazing feature is that it has a guide manual that will assist you in understanding how this system functions, so don’t need to worry about not being a professional hair stylist, because with this clipper you will be able to cut, shave and curve your hair all by yourself.


Clipper Oil: The oil of this product is amazing and will help the clipper in a good working condition at all time.

NOTE: This product oil comes with the package, so you would not have to buy any clipper oil to use for this device.

Blade / Blade Guard: This professional clipper device is built with strong and sharp blade that gives you a smooth and painless shaves. It has blade of 1006 unit, it also has a blade guard that helps in protecting your blades from falling off the clipper and cause harm to your skin.

Motor: This device is built with an electromagnetic motor that is powerful enough to deliver a faster and clean shaves without causing any damage to your skin. It has V5000 electromagnetic motor unit.

Attachment Kits: One of the attachment kits that this clipper has that makes it unique and a must use for stylist and profession barbers is the 8 different sizes of combs that can work for any hair length, it also has a cleaning brush, guide manual booklet.


*An 8 feet long power cord

*Different styling comb length that ranges from 1 inches, ½ inches, ¼ inches, 1/8 inches, 3/4 inches, 5/8 inches, 7/8 inches.

*Cleaning brush

*Red blade guard

*Weighs 1 pound

*Dimension is 12 x 4 x 6 inches

*Clipper length 6.25 long

*1006 blade

*Ergonomic design

*It remain cooling during operation


Super Tapper II Professional8470-500Wahl


Button: The power button on this clipper allows you to switch on and off this device making you have absolute control of the clipper.


How To Clean Wahl Super Taper II Clipper

Always make sure that your clipper device is kept clean after very use. In that way it will last for a longer time and serve you better.

To clean this professional super Taper II clipper, follow the blow instructions guide steps;

STEP 1: Never leave the clipper connected to the electrical power source while is not on use.

STEP 2: Remove hairs from the clipper and the blade with the cleaning brush.

STEP 3: Use the clipper oil to apply on the tip of the clippers blade after removing hairs from the blade.

STEP 4: Clean the body of the clipper with a clean dry towel and store the device properly in a clean dry place.



*Has a different types of styling combs for styling your hair

*Is very easy to operate

*Easy to clean

*Has an 8 ft long power cord

*Does not heat up during usage

*Is affordable

*Comes with attachment parts

*Built with an ergonomic design

*Is a multi-purpose shaving device



*The V5000 electromagnetic motor unit is lower than some other Wahl clippers with a V9000 motor unit

*Is noisy during operation

*It vibrates during operation thereby must be handle strongly to avoid it falling from your hand.



This is a perfect choice of clipper to make for stylists, professional barbers and normal daily shavers to have an amazing looks all the time.

For starters, the guide manual booklet will direct you on steps to take and how to use and maintain this clipper device in order for it to serve you for a long period of time.

You can place your order right now and get the best of this product from this site.

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